Memorial Day at the Lake!

May 27, 2016 | Our great friends invited us to their lake house again for Memorial Day weekend, and we jumped at the opportunity.  As our E-girls are getting older they are having MORE fun together (with the occasional toy-snatch, mostly by our kid), and it’s just amazing to watch.  We arrived and mostly just snacked & hung out on their deck.

RP_Mem2016Lake_001 RP_Mem2016Lake_002 RP_Mem2016Lake_003 RP_Mem2016Lake_004 RP_Mem2016Lake_005

After breakfast, it was time to introduce the girls to water balloons.  It was pretty darn awesome.  They caught on pretty quick, and while M filled the balloons D helped with the hose.  That sounds way more scandalous than it is.  He also assisted when M needed a beverage… 🙂

RP_Mem2016Lake_006 RP_Mem2016Lake_007 RP_Mem2016Lake_008 RP_Mem2016Lake_009 RP_Mem2016Lake_010 RP_Mem2016Lake_011 RP_Mem2016Lake_012 RP_Mem2016Lake_013 RP_Mem2016Lake_014 RP_Mem2016Lake_015 RP_Mem2016Lake_016

I found these floaties at Target, and they were a big hit with the girls.  There was a lot of “RAWR!” and running/jumping/marching around.  Followed by trying to hide from the paparazzi (aka; wearin’ some shades).

RP_Mem2016Lake_017 RP_Mem2016Lake_018 RP_Mem2016Lake_019 RP_Mem2016Lake_020 RP_Mem2016Lake_021 RP_Mem2016Lake_022 RP_Mem2016Lake_023 RP_Mem2016Lake_024 RP_Mem2016Lake_025

The next morning I brought out the finger-paints and paper.  Diaper-only for this activity, and they were so focused!  And loved looking at all of the colors on their hands/feet.  Their E won for the most colorful legs at the end of their creation, then it was time for clean-up.  I think that our E was still playing while M spent about 10-solid-minutes trying to convince his daughter that it was ok to get some of the hose water on her feet.  Just to clean her up.  She was NOT having it…suddenly our child bursts over there and runs through the water like this happens daily.  It was crazy!  It didn’t take long for her BFF to follow-suit, and I took about 100 photos of it.  You can almost hear them laughing in that water spray!

RP_Mem2016Lake_028 RP_Mem2016Lake_029 RP_Mem2016Lake_030 RP_Mem2016Lake_031 RP_Mem2016Lake_032 RP_Mem2016Lake_033 RP_Mem2016Lake_034 RP_Mem2016Lake_035 RP_Mem2016Lake_036 RP_Mem2016Lake_037 RP_Mem2016Lake_038 RP_Mem2016Lake_039 RP_Mem2016Lake_040 RP_Mem2016Lake_041 RP_Mem2016Lake_042 RP_Mem2016Lake_043

Baby N just smiled at this crazy pair, and the weekend was so much fun.  Kids at the lake is a different beast for sure, but I love being a part of all the “firsts” and fun!

Some phone-pics too:
2016-05-27 17.22.20-2 2016-05-27 17.24.38 2016-05-27 17.26.08 2016-05-27 17.30.38 2016-05-28 08.56.25-2 2016-05-28 08.56.37-1 2016-05-28 12.29.35 HDR-3 2016-05-28 12.30.51 2016-05-28 20.33.21Of course we did a quick trip over to Gma’s house for the end of the weekend.  E couldn’t miss out on seeing Domino the kitty! 🙂  More water balloons, and painting with water…combined with “swimming” in her life jacket at the berm.  She loves the action!

2016-05-29 15.46.30-2 2016-05-29 15.47.05 HDR-2 2016-05-29 15.47.17 2016-05-29 15.58.02 2016-05-29 15.58.08 2016-05-29 16.25.56-2 2016-05-29 17.00.17 2016-05-29 17.00.36 2016-05-29 17.33.14 2016-05-29 17.37.55 2016-05-29 17.58.10 2016-05-30 07.07.54 2016-05-30 08.03.14 2016-05-30 08.03.53

Be the Match

May 22, 2016 | I posted about this on my FB page, so I thought I’d add it to our family “archive” as well with a copy/paste… 🙂

Around 8 years ago, D and I signed-up to be marrow-donors on — they send a kit in the mail, you swab inside your cheeks, and send it back. Then we promptly forgot about it! A couple of months ago D was notified of a MATCH! After chatting with our family & some friends, plus learning that marrow-donation can be done via blood stem-cells (vs. the hip-bone drilling), he agreed to proceed. Some additional medical tests verifying the match + D’s health, we were set to go. They scheduled five days of 2-shots-per to tell his body to produce an abundance of blood stem-cells, which basically resulted in flu-like symptoms. The final day they flew us both to DC, and he was hooked up to a dialysis-like machine for 4.5 hours (his blood circulated 5/6 times!). He reached 756mL of stem cells before his body said ENOUGH, which was completely amazing.🙂 After some rest, he returned to mostly normal in a day or two.

I am so proud of him and all that he did. He didn’t complain, despite the pain/discomfort, and was so humble throughout the entire process. He’s an amazing person, and did everything he possibly could on his end to save a strangers life! Love you D 🙂

If you’ve thought about it, or wondered, PLEASE sign-up on . It’s free, and can be so much less invasive than it used to be. I had to share in order to spread the word. It’s pretty darn amazing!

2016-05-23 07.35.35 2016-05-23 08.27.29 2016-05-23 08.34.24 2016-05-23 10.03.29 2016-05-23 12.06.39 2016-05-23 13.16.20Things that I didn’t put on FB include our crazy driver — who told weird jokes, talked constantly about car accidents or his ex-wife, and asked maybe ONE question about US the entire time.  Airport pick-up/drop-off, hotel, medical building.  It was a lot of time in that car.  We found him asleep in there the morning of the procedure, and then I basically forced him to make a pit-stop at Target for us.  Poor D had to sit in the car with him ALONE for a bit while I grabbed us drinks/snacks for the hotel room.  The following morning we had time to walk across the street for Bux (inside this insanely high-end mall) and that’s about it.  I saw one monument from the car window, and proceeded to fold origami on the way home.  Such a random 48-hours!
2016-05-24 09.39.18 2016-05-24 11.26.43 2016-05-24 14.44.32

Chalk Face

May 21, 2016 | When your neighbor kid decides to just scrape his chalk on the ground to collect all of the powder, then get his hands wet, it inspires OUR toddler to create a cleansing-mask of blue.  Topped with some purple hair!

RP_ChalkFace_001 RP_ChalkFace_002 RP_ChalkFace_003 RP_ChalkFace_004 RP_ChalkFace_005 RP_ChalkFace_006 RP_ChalkFace_007

4th Friday

May 20, 2016 | Our city puts together a little “Fourth Friday” and we finally decided to check it out. The promise of free live music, playing on a firetruck, and balloons had FUN written all over it. But it didn’t exactly go that way. We did arrive a bit late, but there really weren’t many people there.  After walking through the “square” and seeing that there wasn’t much to do, the firetruck seemed to be the next logical step.  E then decided to be scared to go alone (totally out of character) until I agreed to go with her.  So up we went, and I snapped a couple of photos while sitting literally knee-to-knee (which meant no cool firetruck details can be seen)!

RP_4thFri_0001 RP_4thFri_0002 RP_4thFri_0003

But the FRONT of the firetruck was totally fun, especially when she rang that bell.  My ear drum may have finally recovered… 🙂

RP_4thFri_0004 RP_4thFri_0005 RP_4thFri_0006It was dinnertime, and there’s a bar/diner that has ties to our old college nearby.  So why not jump over there to have a drink and some eats?  There was no highchair in sight, but we figure she’s getting older and can likely tolerate sitting in the booth next to me.  YIKES. Not pictured is the constant movement & squirming, then D taking E outside to run off some steam, & the sugar packets flying through to air when she didn’t get her way.  Eating was next to impossible, and she lost it when she tasted something spicy!

I had to get her out of that restaurant while D paid the bill…and even then she was just being a crazy-toddler.  Pushing all of my buttons, climbing in dangerous places, and flat-out ignoring my requests is what basically happened.  Was there a full moon that night?!

RP_4thFri_0009 RP_4thFri_0010

We were all ready to call it a night, so I snapped a couple of images with my phone when we reached the car…everybody is just OVER IT! 🙂

2016-05-20 19.22.41 HDR-2 2016-05-20 19.23.14

Theme Park

May 15, 2016 | D’s company has a summer event each year, and since E is now well over 2 we thought that we would opt for the Theme Park.  It’s a bit of a drive, and since she’s still a rookie when it comes to rides we weren’t sure how it would all go.  But I’m glad we did it because it ended up being really fun.  Like, surprisingly so.  The Snoopy/Peanuts area was a big hit, and she rode a couple of those rides, the train, plus two carousels.  But I think she was happiest inside this crazy-ball-shooter-stairs-slide-enclosure.  Vacuum tubes to collect the foam balls, which then can be shot to suspended baskets up to a certain weight-limit before they all come crashing down.  It was complete chaos in there, but in the shade.  Eventually we had to pull a crying toddler out of there, but we were so late for lunch there was no choice!  Little did we know we had a 35-min wait ahead of us.  Oh well, you learn something every day right?

2016-05-15 11.24.22-1 2016-05-15 11.45.31 HDR-2 2016-05-15 12.01.07-2 2016-05-15 13.50.52

I seriously cannot tell you the last time she fell asleep in the car.  It’s a rare thing to be able to see this energetic girl so still! 🙂

2016-05-15 14.55.02 2016-05-15 15.00.23-2

We needed some more bubbles, so we drove straight to a toy store.  She wasn’t quite awake yet, so you can grab a few snuggles before she takes off running again.

2016-05-15 15.46.36

But of course, after a 45-min nap she is up and ready to run and play again!  Bubbles are always good for smiles (& teenager-esque looks)…

3O5A6875a 3O5A6894a 3O5A6901a 3O5A6927a 3O5A6936a

Arboretum Train Day

May 14, 2016 | This spot is still one of our favorites, and since E loves all things train it was an easy decision to attend “Train Day”.  The model trains are so neat, and there are always three running all over.  One of them is even Thomas the Train!  They had fun conductor hats for the kids, that E managed to leave on her head for quite some time. But per usual her favorite is pretending to serve us food & drinks from the ticket-booth.  We ask for anything and she always has it in stock! 🙂 Plus an impressive list of free things for the kids

  • Coloring book
  • Face painting*
  • Mini-train ride (her first real “ride”!)
  • Beverages (way off to the side with a bubble-surrounded, forlorn rep for the Tea-brand)

RP_TrainDay_001 RP_TrainDay_002 RP_TrainDay_003 RP_TrainDay_004 RP_TrainDay_005 RP_TrainDay_006 RP_TrainDay_007 RP_TrainDay_008 RP_TrainDay_009 RP_TrainDay_010 RP_TrainDay_011 RP_TrainDay_012 RP_TrainDay_013 RP_TrainDay_014 RP_TrainDay_015 RP_TrainDay_016 RP_TrainDay_017

*By face painting, they mean a scribble that she could have done.  Let’s go to the phone pics for this awesomeness, that just ended up on her vest collar.

2016-05-14 12.04.52-1 2016-05-14 12.16.17-2

2016-05-14 11.58.51-2