Quick Notes

April 24, 2016 | A Sunday night run to Mr. Goodcents, followed by just some quick photos in our house on a Monday that I’m watching E.

  • Climbing in the car is the best…such exciting freedom.
  • My photo-prop chairs are a great toy
  • Eating in the car works fairly well at this age!
  • I’m never going to be able to capture ALL of her facial-expressions

RP_QuickNote_0001 RP_QuickNote_0002 RP_QuickNote_0003 RP_QuickNote_0004

  • Again with those expressions…they slay me!
  • If I ask her 1 piggy or 2 piggies, she mostly says “2 piggies!”, even though she doesn’t like to sit still for that long
  • Those bunny slippers are her shoe of choice.  Still.
  • Mickey & Minnie are constant companions.  If she has one, she often asks for the other.

RP_QuickNote_0005 RP_QuickNote_0006 RP_QuickNote_0007 RP_QuickNote_0008 RP_QuickNote_0009 RP_QuickNote_0010

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