4th Friday

May 20, 2016 | Our city puts together a little “Fourth Friday” and we finally decided to check it out. The promise of free live music, playing on a firetruck, and balloons had FUN written all over it. But it didn’t exactly go that way. We did arrive a bit late, but there really weren’t many people there.  After walking through the “square” and seeing that there wasn’t much to do, the firetruck seemed to be the next logical step.  E then decided to be scared to go alone (totally out of character) until I agreed to go with her.  So up we went, and I snapped a couple of photos while sitting literally knee-to-knee (which meant no cool firetruck details can be seen)!

RP_4thFri_0001 RP_4thFri_0002 RP_4thFri_0003

But the FRONT of the firetruck was totally fun, especially when she rang that bell.  My ear drum may have finally recovered… 🙂

RP_4thFri_0004 RP_4thFri_0005 RP_4thFri_0006It was dinnertime, and there’s a bar/diner that has ties to our old college nearby.  So why not jump over there to have a drink and some eats?  There was no highchair in sight, but we figure she’s getting older and can likely tolerate sitting in the booth next to me.  YIKES. Not pictured is the constant movement & squirming, then D taking E outside to run off some steam, & the sugar packets flying through to air when she didn’t get her way.  Eating was next to impossible, and she lost it when she tasted something spicy!

I had to get her out of that restaurant while D paid the bill…and even then she was just being a crazy-toddler.  Pushing all of my buttons, climbing in dangerous places, and flat-out ignoring my requests is what basically happened.  Was there a full moon that night?!

RP_4thFri_0009 RP_4thFri_0010

We were all ready to call it a night, so I snapped a couple of images with my phone when we reached the car…everybody is just OVER IT! 🙂

2016-05-20 19.22.41 HDR-2 2016-05-20 19.23.14

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