CF Walk 2016

May 7, 2016 | This morning was the annual family CF Walk, where the C&K Crusaders were the 2nd place fundraising team in the metro.  AMAZING!  The images from last year popped up and I cannot believe how much E has changed in that short amount of time. The weather was surprisingly hot, and while I wasn’t able to walk the whole route…I mean, a toddler who didn’t want to walk, be held, OR ride in the stroller makes that hard…I still tried to grab some images along the way!

There’s a chance the donut at the start was her favorite… 🙂

CFWalk2016_0001 CFWalk2016_0002 CFWalk2016_0003 CFWalk2016_0004 CFWalk2016_0005 CFWalk2016_0006 CFWalk2016_0007 CFWalk2016_0008 CFWalk2016_0009 CFWalk2016_0010 CFWalk2016_0011 CFWalk2016_0012 CFWalk2016_0013 CFWalk2016_0014 CFWalk2016_0015 CFWalk2016_0016 CFWalk2016_0017

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