Free Concert Night/Anniversary

June 29, 2016 | We really know how to celebrate our anniversary! ūüôā ¬†Instead of a candle-lit dinner with fancy drinks, how about a not-so-good band playing for free at an outdoor, kid-filled venue?? ¬†But in all honesty, it’s really fun. ¬†E was playing catch with a random kid out there, and loves having picnics. ¬†We packed lots of food, and purchased some small bites there. ¬†While the music has been great in the past, this particular night was a bit rough. ¬†But I thought that I would let E get her face painted since she was pointing it out on all of the other kids’ faces. ¬†We got in line, only to be told the girl immediately in front of us was the last customer. ¬†Oops…that’s ok, let’s get a balloon animal from the talented guy over there! ¬†Wait in line…and wait…send E to play with D…wait…after 8 solid minutes the same balloon-creation still wasn’t done. ¬†I threw in the towel on that too. ¬†Poor E! ¬†Luckily ice cream saved the day!

RP_FreeConcert_001 RP_FreeConcert_002 RP_FreeConcert_003 RP_FreeConcert_004 RP_FreeConcert_005 RP_FreeConcert_006 RP_FreeConcert_007 RP_FreeConcert_008

2016-06-29 18.59.36 2016-06-29 19.18.16 HDR-2 2016-06-29 19.18.17 HDR-2

BBQ Time!

June 24, 2016 | Each year we say it is our last year, but then the e-mail shows up calling for Ambassadors and we agree to do it again! ¬†This year was the first time that we knew we were going to be assigned the same teams as last year, which is important if you want to have beverages and some good BBQ to eat over the contest-days… ūüôā ¬†It is a lot of fun, and we get to hang with friends we don’t see too often. ¬†Even if one couple has had to bail TWICE on us now (Andrew & Courtney)!

2016-06-24 13.43.312016-06-24 13.43.41 HDR-3 2016-06-24 14.01.12 HDR-2 2016-06-24 14.12.28-1 2016-06-24 17.10.192016-06-24 12.19.07-12016-06-24 21.48.21 2016-06-25 08.43.532016-06-25 08.46.23-2 2016-06-25 09.09.29 2016-06-25 10.30.32 HDR-2 2016-06-25 11.51.46-1 2016-06-25 11.53.06-1 2016-06-25 12.20.27-1 2016-06-25 12.39.48 HDR-3 2016-06-25 14.12.57


June 21, 2016 | My BFF is special, but I’m sure everyone thinks the same thing. ¬†We have grown up together. ¬†Dance school, high school, college, roommates, float trips, weddings, babies, travels and getaways…everything. ¬†And I look up to her so much for her utter strength when it comes to life. ¬†She’s a SAHM of three kiddos, and for the longest time her husband was serving in the military. ¬†Which meant a lot of solo-parenting in cities where she had NOBODY to call on. ¬†She’s my hero in many ways that I didn’t appreciate until becoming a parent myself. ¬†It’s not too often that she comes to town, but when she does we do our best to see each other kid-free. ¬†So we can talk and drink wine…just a glimpse at our old-selves! ¬†I love her so much, and this gathering we were able to bring Heather along too…and we literally shut the place down. ¬†Girlfriends are so important, and I’m really lucky to have such incredible role models!

2016-06-21 23.42.55-2

Family Visit!

June 17, 2016 | It had been several years since we’ve seen our CO-family…since before we had our little E! ¬†We didn’t make a lot of plans, since there were boys, toddlers and a newborn to work with. ¬†But the night that everyone came into town we ate dinner at my parents’ house, and tried to play outdoor games in the thick-humidity. ¬†The mountains never get this kind of weather, so it was a shock for them! ¬†But I’m so happy I forced everyone into a family photo, since the opportunity never came back around.

RP_CousinVisit16_001 RP_CousinVisit16_002 RP_CousinVisit16_003 RP_CousinVisit16_004 RP_CousinVisit16_005 RP_CousinVisit16_006 RP_CousinVisit16_007 RP_CousinVisit16_008 RP_CousinVisit16_009 RP_CousinVisit16_010 RP_CousinVisit16_011 RP_CousinVisit16_012 RP_CousinVisit16_013 RP_CousinVisit16_014 RP_CousinVisit16_015 RP_CousinVisit16_016 RP_CousinVisit16_017 RP_CousinVisit16_018 RP_CousinVisit16_019 RP_CousinVisit16_020 RP_CousinVisit16_021


The next day we knew we had to do something that would drain some serious energy…so I thought about the incredible playground that’s about a 20-minute drive from our house. There is so much to do there, for all ages…not to mention a shaded sitting area for all of the adults. ¬†It was perfect, and the sweaty-headed kids had a blast! ¬†Plus most of the adults tried the zip-line… ūüôā

RP_CousinVisit16_022 RP_CousinVisit16_023 RP_CousinVisit16_024 RP_CousinVisit16_025 RP_CousinVisit16_026 RP_CousinVisit16_027 RP_CousinVisit16_028 RP_CousinVisit16_029

After a lot of discussion/debate about WHERE to go for BBQ, we decided to go South to a lesser-known restaurant to avoid the lunch-rush. ¬†With a crew this size it was more about how quickly we could get a table! ¬†Everyone ate their fill of BBQ, then we realized that we were within’ a mile of a new local brewery that I’ve wanted to check out. ¬†After a dead-end (thanks GPS) we made it to an amazing space — games for kids, beer-flights for adults, and some shade. ¬†It was still hot as H#&$, but we were creeping-up on nap time anyways. We can’t wait to go back when it’s a little cooler outside to enjoy the fire pit!

RP_CousinVisit16_030 RP_CousinVisit16_031 RP_CousinVisit16_032 RP_CousinVisit16_033 RP_CousinVisit16_034 RP_CousinVisit16_035 RP_CousinVisit16_036 RP_CousinVisit16_037 RP_CousinVisit16_038 RP_CousinVisit16_039 RP_CousinVisit16_040 RP_CousinVisit16_041 RP_CousinVisit16_042 RP_CousinVisit16_043 RP_CousinVisit16_044 RP_CousinVisit16_045 RP_CousinVisit16_046 RP_CousinVisit16_047 RP_CousinVisit16_048 RP_CousinVisit16_049

I don’t even remember what we did after this…I guess that’s the problem when you’re a bit behind on blogging? ¬†Jess loved Body Lab — she got to try the free intro class. ¬†I know we visited the Arboretum & hosted dinner at our house the last night. ¬†Pizza from Papa Murphy’s to keep it simple, and everyone had a great time. ¬†Now it’s our turn to head to CO!

RP_CousinVisit16_050 RP_CousinVisit16_051 RP_CousinVisit16_052 RP_CousinVisit16_053 RP_CousinVisit16_054 RP_CousinVisit16_055 RP_CousinVisit16_056 RP_CousinVisit16_057

I have to add a few cell-phone pics with the fact that we introduced the family to Snapchat selfie-filters…and it got crazy:

2016-06-18 17.01.12 2016-06-18 20.29.32 2016-06-18 20.29.53-2 2016-06-19 09.56.53-1 2016-06-19 12.00.36-2 2016-06-19 13.42.57 2016-06-19 13.43.08-1 2016-06-19 13.45.38-1 2016-06-19 13.46.02 HDR-2 2016-06-19 19.43.10 2016-06-19 19.44.22 2016-06-19 19.45.48 2016-06-19 19.49.04

Chalk Fun

June 12, 2016 | Sidewalk chalk…yes, she still loves it. The weather has been crazy-stupid-hot around here, so why bother wearing clothes? ¬†That and we are at the pool all the time, so she often comes home in just a diaper. ¬†And it’s impossible to walk from the car INTO THE HOUSE because we have all of her outdoor-toys right there. ¬†Tricycle, bubbles, chalk…it’s a toddler land-mine! ¬†Most often she requests that we draw a Daniel Tiger — which she then colors all over and steps on. ¬†So sweet! ūüôā ¬†Summer-snot is an added bonus for photos…

RP_Sidewalk_001 RP_Sidewalk_002 RP_Sidewalk_003 RP_Sidewalk_004 RP_Sidewalk_005 RP_Sidewalk_006


OPD Appreciation

June 4, 2016 | Our local police department had a little car show/appreciation day close by, so we figured why not go and check it out. ¬†You could walk inside the big armor vehicle, eat free cotton candy, dance to music and JUMP in bounce houses! ¬†#toddlerlife over here…with the whole family!

RP-OPD-App_001 RP-OPD-App_002 RP-OPD-App_003 RP-OPD-App_004 RP-OPD-App_005 RP-OPD-App_006 RP-OPD-App_007 RP-OPD-App_008 RP-OPD-App_009 RP-OPD-App_010 RP-OPD-App_011 RP-OPD-App_012 RP-OPD-App_013 RP-OPD-App_014 RP-OPD-App_015 RP-OPD-App_016 RP-OPD-App_017 RP-OPD-App_018

First experience with cotton candy.  Is it any surprise that she loved it?

RP-OPD-App_019 RP-OPD-App_020 RP-OPD-App_021

After a good nap, I promised her that she could do some painting. ¬†It’s definitely something she loves doing, and after her birdhouse sits outside for awhile it needs some new color anyways… ūüôā ¬†Painting leads to a messy kid, so nekked-pool time + a GLOW bath was added to the agenda. ¬†It was a busy day to say the least. ¬†But this girl loves to stay busy, and I enjoy seeing her experience all of the firsts!

RP-OPD-App_022 RP-OPD-App_023 RP-OPD-App_024 RP-OPD-App_025 RP-OPD-App_026 RP-OPD-App_027 RP-OPD-App_028 RP-OPD-App_029 RP-OPD-App_030 RP-OPD-App_031 RP-OPD-App_032 RP-OPD-App_033 RP-OPD-App_034 RP-OPD-App_035 RP-OPD-App_036 RP-OPD-App_037