BBQ Time!

June 24, 2016 | Each year we say it is our last year, but then the e-mail shows up calling for Ambassadors and we agree to do it again!  This year was the first time that we knew we were going to be assigned the same teams as last year, which is important if you want to have beverages and some good BBQ to eat over the contest-days… 🙂  It is a lot of fun, and we get to hang with friends we don’t see too often.  Even if one couple has had to bail TWICE on us now (Andrew & Courtney)!

2016-06-24 13.43.312016-06-24 13.43.41 HDR-3 2016-06-24 14.01.12 HDR-2 2016-06-24 14.12.28-1 2016-06-24 17.10.192016-06-24 12.19.07-12016-06-24 21.48.21 2016-06-25 08.43.532016-06-25 08.46.23-2 2016-06-25 09.09.29 2016-06-25 10.30.32 HDR-2 2016-06-25 11.51.46-1 2016-06-25 11.53.06-1 2016-06-25 12.20.27-1 2016-06-25 12.39.48 HDR-3 2016-06-25 14.12.57

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