First Movie Theater

July 2, 2016 | After a lot of discussion with fellow mommas, AND seeing the holiday-weekend forecast of RAIN…what perfect timing to take E to her first movie theater experience?  Finding Dory seemed to be a perfect fit, so we bought our matinee tickets and made our way to the show.  After literally running everywhere in the lobby, we went into our last-row/assigned-seats.  E was in love with the giant seat, and luckily there was a half-wall in front of us so she couldn’t see all of the fellow toddlers playing on the stairs. She ate snacks from my purse, and talked about what she saw on the screen a LOT. 🙂 Glad we had nice people in our row!  It got a little squirrelly by the end, but that’s when I showed her the motorized buttons that recline her seat.  That alone bought us 15-more minutes…aka the end of the movie.  It’s so fun seeing all of these FIRSTS!

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