Enchanted Forest

July 26, 2016 | Our local Arboretum has all sorts of neat events that we like to attend…especially when it happens on free-day Tuesday!  This was a unique Enhanced Forest event, where artists created amazing fairy & gnome homes for guests to see!  D met us there with sandwiches and dinner, and we set off on the trail to find fairies!  E loves fairies, so this was a good activity for her.  The heat wasn’t crazy, and we donned buckets of bug spray to ensure mosquito protection… 🙂  She understood the arrow-signs and which way they pointed, and excitedly told us when there was a new fairy house to look at. But keeping her from touching them was a whole different ballgame!  She goes between wanting to walk all by herself, and then wanting to be carried.  A scary-face on a tree startled her at one point, and then we definitely had to carry her for awhile.  But once we were around the model-train area (which she knows very well) it was running-time!  I also asked D to take some photos of E & I, since our recent family photos were such a disaster.  He ended up capturing some of my fave photos of us EVER!

As we were exiting the park we went by the bathroom, and she randomly said “I have to go potty!” — which surprised us both because we’ve barely used public restrooms with her. Of course they were locked, and I was confident she’d already used her diaper.  Oh well, it’s a step in the right direction!

RP_EnchantForest_001 RP_EnchantForest_002 RP_EnchantForest_003 RP_EnchantForest_004 RP_EnchantForest_005 RP_EnchantForest_006 RP_EnchantForest_007 RP_EnchantForest_008 RP_EnchantForest_009 RP_EnchantForest_010 RP_EnchantForest_011 RP_EnchantForest_012 RP_EnchantForest_013 RP_EnchantForest_014 RP_EnchantForest_015 RP_EnchantForest_016 RP_EnchantForest_017 RP_EnchantForest_018 RP_EnchantForest_019 RP_EnchantForest_020 RP_EnchantForest_021 RP_EnchantForest_022 RP_EnchantForest_023 RP_EnchantForest_024 RP_EnchantForest_025 RP_EnchantForest_026 RP_EnchantForest_027 RP_EnchantForest_028 RP_EnchantForest_029

Mary Poppins

July 28, 2016 | There is something so awesome about sharing childhood memories with your own kid. Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies growing up, and I was surprised how much of the movie I could still quote word-for-word…and some of the parts that I didn’t even notice as a kid, that make a lot more sense now! She loves the dancing and singing, and even tried to do it a bit (which ended in the face-plant). No worries, she was just fine — got up and kept dancing!

rp_mpopp_001 rp_mpopp_002 rp_mpopp_003 rp_mpopp_004 rp_mpopp_005 rp_mpopp_006


July 21, 2016 | Yep, we are in the thick of potty-training…but she’s doing so well! We do 1 piece of candy for #1, 2 for #2. Daniel Tiger’s song is a regular tune for sure! The little IKEA potty hangs out with us in the various rooms of the house AND goes in the back of the car for excursions. She’s also using this Elmo app to learn some letters, but we don’t really let her use that much…it was more of  way to keep her in one room while she “practices” wearing undies. 🙂

2016-06-23-17-24-13 2016-06-23-17-25-39rp_undies_001 rp_undies_002 rp_undies_003 rp_undies_004


July 10, 2016 | One of E’s first gifts was from a client of mine, when she was just born. I remember the white box sitting on my porch when we returned from the NICU, and inside was all sorts of adorable things, including a Rapunzel doll and her little chameleon-friend Pascal! Now that she’s a bit older, I thought maybe I would show her the movie. Quick run to Target and we were set to watch. She actually snuggled with me on the floor as the movie began, and she loved the “Loooong hair!” Until we reached a “darker” scene, where the evil witch is frantically searching the tower for the missing Rapunzel. E jumped up and started yelling “Turn it OFF! Turn IT OFF!” and crying! Then she ran out of the room and wouldn’t come back. I felt horrible! Didn’t even expect that to happen, but it just struck something with her. Eventually (as in a week or so later) we did watch the rest of the movie, and luckily her stuffed duo was still invited to the playground to play…

2016-07-11-08-53-13-1 2016-07-11-08-55-47-hdr-2 2016-07-11-09-02-51 2016-07-11-09-04-50-2 2016-07-11-09-11-04

Cousin B | 2nd Birthday Party!

July 9, 2016 | We had been talking to E about her cousin’s birthday party for a couple of days, now that she’s old enough to kinda understand what is going on.  I helped her color on a card, and she was very excited to bring it over to him…until she crumpled it in the car on the way to the party… 🙂

When we arrived, the toddlers were given party-blowers, and that instantly started a chasing game.  Literally all of my photos were blurry, but these were the best of each kiddo!


Then it’s time for “watch the toddlers” and “hold the baby” before the food was ready to eat.  A tasty brunch that was worth the wait!  These two have so much fun together. This may be the last time they can actually fit in the car at the same time!

RP-Bryce2BDay_002 RP-Bryce2BDay_003 RP-Bryce2BDay_004 RP-Bryce2BDay_005 RP-Bryce2BDay_006 RP-Bryce2BDay_007 RP-Bryce2BDay_008 RP-Bryce2BDay_009 RP-Bryce2BDay_010 RP-Bryce2BDay_011 RP-Bryce2BDay_012 RP-Bryce2BDay_013 RP-Bryce2BDay_014 RP-Bryce2BDay_017

Now that E is a little older, she totally gets presents.  I knew that this would be hard for her, since she cannot quite grasp that it’s HIS birthday party and not hers.  She was right in all of the action for the opening, and threw a bit of a tantrum when I forced her to stop taking his new toys.

RP-Bryce2BDay_015 RP-Bryce2BDay_016 RP-Bryce2BDay_018 RP-Bryce2BDay_019 RP-Bryce2BDay_020

Then CAKE!  B isn’t a big fan of cake, so he had a cookie…and E was so impatient waiting for her piece.  This girl LOVES parties.  And sweets.  And anything sugar-related.  But at least she sang “Happy Dirt-day to B!” (in a cute toddler voice).  B did better at this part than last year, but does NOT like his hands to be dirty…so there was a lot of concern over the frosting on his two fingers… 🙂

RP-Bryce2BDay_021 RP-Bryce2BDay_022 RP-Bryce2BDay_023 RP-Bryce2BDay_024 RP-Bryce2BDay_025 RP-Bryce2BDay_026

And the best part of the day — at least in E’s opinion; the POOL.  Pools are just the absolute best!  We are trying to start the whole “undies” thing, so before I put her in the swimsuit I asked. She said no.  Then promptly went outside and squatted on the patio to pee before entering the pool.  Pure class I tell you!  B loved sliding into the water with a giant splash…E kinda cheated after a splash or two and gently got in.  She preferred to spray B with the whale-tail!

RP-Bryce2BDay_027 RP-Bryce2BDay_028 RP-Bryce2BDay_029 RP-Bryce2BDay_030 RP-Bryce2BDay_031 RP-Bryce2BDay_032 RP-Bryce2BDay_033 RP-Bryce2BDay_034 RP-Bryce2BDay_035 RP-Bryce2BDay_036 RP-Bryce2BDay_037 RP-Bryce2BDay_038 RP-Bryce2BDay_039 RP-Bryce2BDay_040

Such a great party — Happy Birthday Mr. Big Biscuit!


July 6, 2016 | We absolutely cannot complain about E at bedtime…or nap time really either. She has a set routine, then gets a hug/kiss, and we leave. Well night she hasn’t really been going to sleep in there, rather just talking to herself or singing…whatever. We this particular night it was getting close to 9 PM and she was shouting “I’m AWAAAAAKE!” over and over.

I go up to check on her, open the door, and she sits ups in bed “tell a stoooory?”
I bust out laughing, she does too. It goes back and forth this way for awhile, & it’s so dang funny that we are both laughing like idiots!
Then she changes to ‘Sing a soooong?’
Me: ‘Nooooo!’ <giggles>

Me: ‘More kisses?!’
Her: ‘Noooo!’ (As I kiss her whole face)