July 6, 2016 | We absolutely cannot complain about E at bedtime…or nap time really either. She has a set routine, then gets a hug/kiss, and we leave. Well night she hasn’t really been going to sleep in there, rather just talking to herself or singing…whatever. We this particular night it was getting close to 9 PM and she was shouting “I’m AWAAAAAKE!” over and over.

I go up to check on her, open the door, and she sits ups in bed “tell a stoooory?”
I bust out laughing, she does too. It goes back and forth this way for awhile, & it’s so dang funny that we are both laughing like idiots!
Then she changes to ‘Sing a soooong?’
Me: ‘Nooooo!’ <giggles>

Me: ‘More kisses?!’
Her: ‘Noooo!’ (As I kiss her whole face)


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