Enchanted Forest

July 26, 2016 | Our local Arboretum has all sorts of neat events that we like to attend…especially when it happens on free-day Tuesday!  This was a unique Enhanced Forest event, where artists created amazing fairy & gnome homes for guests to see!  D met us there with sandwiches and dinner, and we set off on the trail to find fairies!  E loves fairies, so this was a good activity for her.  The heat wasn’t crazy, and we donned buckets of bug spray to ensure mosquito protection… 🙂  She understood the arrow-signs and which way they pointed, and excitedly told us when there was a new fairy house to look at. But keeping her from touching them was a whole different ballgame!  She goes between wanting to walk all by herself, and then wanting to be carried.  A scary-face on a tree startled her at one point, and then we definitely had to carry her for awhile.  But once we were around the model-train area (which she knows very well) it was running-time!  I also asked D to take some photos of E & I, since our recent family photos were such a disaster.  He ended up capturing some of my fave photos of us EVER!

As we were exiting the park we went by the bathroom, and she randomly said “I have to go potty!” — which surprised us both because we’ve barely used public restrooms with her. Of course they were locked, and I was confident she’d already used her diaper.  Oh well, it’s a step in the right direction!

RP_EnchantForest_001 RP_EnchantForest_002 RP_EnchantForest_003 RP_EnchantForest_004 RP_EnchantForest_005 RP_EnchantForest_006 RP_EnchantForest_007 RP_EnchantForest_008 RP_EnchantForest_009 RP_EnchantForest_010 RP_EnchantForest_011 RP_EnchantForest_012 RP_EnchantForest_013 RP_EnchantForest_014 RP_EnchantForest_015 RP_EnchantForest_016 RP_EnchantForest_017 RP_EnchantForest_018 RP_EnchantForest_019 RP_EnchantForest_020 RP_EnchantForest_021 RP_EnchantForest_022 RP_EnchantForest_023 RP_EnchantForest_024 RP_EnchantForest_025 RP_EnchantForest_026 RP_EnchantForest_027 RP_EnchantForest_028 RP_EnchantForest_029

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