July 10, 2016 | One of E’s first gifts was from a client of mine, when she was just born. I remember the white box sitting on my porch when we returned from the NICU, and inside was all sorts of adorable things, including a Rapunzel doll and her little chameleon-friend Pascal! Now that she’s a bit older, I thought maybe I would show her the movie. Quick run to Target and we were set to watch. She actually snuggled with me on the floor as the movie began, and she loved the “Loooong hair!” Until we reached a “darker” scene, where the evil witch is frantically searching the tower for the missing Rapunzel. E jumped up and started yelling “Turn it OFF! Turn IT OFF!” and crying! Then she ran out of the room and wouldn’t come back. I felt horrible! Didn’t even expect that to happen, but it just struck something with her. Eventually (as in a week or so later) we did watch the rest of the movie, and luckily her stuffed duo was still invited to the playground to play…

2016-07-11-08-53-13-1 2016-07-11-08-55-47-hdr-2 2016-07-11-09-02-51 2016-07-11-09-04-50-2 2016-07-11-09-11-04

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