Bike Rides

August 22, 2016 | This summer has been the one of family bike rides. There are playgrounds not too far from us, but not really feasible with a toddler who doesn’t want to ride in the stroller much anymore. Enter the bike trailer and we are SET! We can go longer distances, and explore more area which makes everyone happy. She really loves going into corn fields…a LOT. So we did that many times, as well as walking over a new bridge/waterfall that’s pretty awesome. Potty training while far from home meant cleaning up #2 from a playground on one of these adventures (“Don’t touch the poo momma!” — thank goodness there was a spare diaper in the bike trailer), but it’s totally worth it!

2016-08-06-12-44-07 2016-08-16-19-35-42 2016-08-16-19-37-25-hdr 2016-08-16-19-40-08-hdr 2016-08-16-19-40-52-hdr-3 2016-08-16-19-44-12-hdr-3 2016-08-21-19-01-00-2 2016-08-21-19-20-58 2016-08-21-19-23-49-hdr 2016-08-21-19-24-26-hdr 2016-08-21-19-25-00-3 2016-08-27-08-15-46-hdr-3 2016-08-27-10-34-12-1-1

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