Doughnuts & Downtown & New Park OH MY!

August 1, 2016 | We have some really great neighbors, and on a random morning we decided to venture down to a “bar” district to try out a new-ish doughnut shop.  It’s kinda crazy to drive so far for doughnuts, but I really wanted to see this space!  I opted for the s’mores doughnut, and of course E wanted sprinkles.  It was delicious, and all of the kiddos were pretty happy to see that Daniel Tiger was on the projection screen…ha!  Oh, and I should mention I left E in her undies for this adventure (potty in the back of my car) and she did GREAT!

RP_DoughnutSplash_001 RP_DoughnutSplash_002 RP_DoughnutSplash_003 RP_DoughnutSplash_004 RP_DoughnutSplash_005 RP_DoughnutSplash_006 RP_DoughnutSplash_007 RP_DoughnutSplash_008 RP_DoughnutSplash_009 RP_DoughnutSplash_010 RP_DoughnutSplash_011 RP_DoughnutSplash_012 RP_DoughnutSplash_013 RP_DoughnutSplash_014

Megan asked if we could hit Prydes while we were downtown, so we walked that direction to view their amazing collection of breakables dishes.  Then we saw that we were 15-minutes early to opening…so we had to kill time with little kids who want to run around. We found a little space that worked, but wasn’t totally ideal for littles.  Finally it was time to head in, and I knew we were pushing potty-time.  I tried to help E potty outside in some grass, but she wasn’t having it.  Into the shop we go, where they pounded on the piano and started reaching for all the eye-level products.  Holly and I lasted 10-minutes with our toddlers before we had to get out of there.  They want to touch EVERYTHING, and this store has tons of precariously-stacked bowls and cake-plates!  So we made our way back to our cars with the little ones to drive to the new park.

RP_DoughnutSplash_015 RP_DoughnutSplash_016 RP_DoughnutSplash_017 RP_DoughnutSplash_018 RP_DoughnutSplash_019 RP_DoughnutSplash_020 RP_DoughnutSplash_021 RP_DoughnutSplash_022 RP_DoughnutSplash_023

Poor Holly had to bow-out on the drive over, because sometimes being a good parent means enforcing consequences to bad behavior.  I felt so bad, and wished that we had gone directly to the park (vs. the whole waiting/Prydes stuff).  But we promised to try again soon!  The park was amazing, and not too crazy-busy thanks to all of the rain showers that were happening!  E didn’t even glance at the water until the very end, and then thought it was hilarious that her clothes were soaking wet!  I don’t have proof, but since she didn’t pee (despite sitting on that potty in my car for over 6-minutes) she may have in the splash pad.  But no accidents on the drive home!  I consider that to be an overall WIN… 🙂

RP_DoughnutSplash_024 RP_DoughnutSplash_025 RP_DoughnutSplash_026 RP_DoughnutSplash_027 RP_DoughnutSplash_028 RP_DoughnutSplash_029 RP_DoughnutSplash_030 RP_DoughnutSplash_031 RP_DoughnutSplash_032 RP_DoughnutSplash_033 RP_DoughnutSplash_034

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