August 11, 2016 | While lots of little girls love princesses, I’ve tried really hard to keep that stuff at bay.  Not to say that it will NEVER be allowed, but I wanted to postpone it as much as possible.  But My Little Pony?  Well, it’s a big deal around here.  Potty training has gone so well with her, and I think it’s thanks to the help of My Little Pony!  These small figures are found at Target for less than $3, and they are her favorite.  It started with a couple, then watching the “Friendship is Magic” show here and there, and then the SOFT ponies came along for big rewards as well.  I cannot count how many images I have with her carrying at least 1 pony, and it’s pretty adorable.  When we watch the show, she has to run and go get all of the little figures.  Whichever pony comes on the screen is the one she grabs!

2016-08-11-18-18-17-2 2016-08-16-19-03-51-hdr-2 2016-08-19-07-37-02 2016-08-20-11-30-57 2016-08-26-08-09-30-2 2016-08-26-08-10-39-1 2016-08-26-08-11-18-2

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