the County Fair

August 6, 2016 | Our county fair is just a bit South of the house, so it’s an easy trip to see some 4H animals and participate in the kid-activities!  It was also E’s first time to see/use a porta-potty. Totally gross for me, not to mention hot/sweaty, but this was the start of an obsession with using porta-johns. Why?! But even more important, is that this was the first time E would ride a ride all by herself!  I was totally nervous to walk away once I buckled her in, but as soon as the ride began she was THRILLED.  She couldn’t turn that steering wheel fast enough, and her smile lasted until the cars slowed down!  It was AWESOME…
After dragging her away from the rides — explaining we were out of tickets — we saw chickens, rabbits, etc before finding the giant box of corn.  Shoes off, and she jumped right in.  The thing that convinced her to get out of there was a funnel cake (also her first)! We love this, because funnel-cakes have a special place for Dave and I. When we were dating we always managed to get one, and would throw some of the powdered sugar into each others’ faces… 🙂 That may be why E has sugar on her face!

rp_jcfair16_001 rp_jcfair16_002 rp_jcfair16_003 rp_jcfair16_004 rp_jcfair16_005 rp_jcfair16_006 rp_jcfair16_007 rp_jcfair16_008 rp_jcfair16_009 rp_jcfair16_010 rp_jcfair16_011 rp_jcfair16_012 rp_jcfair16_013 rp_jcfair16_014 rp_jcfair16_015 rp_jcfair16_016 rp_jcfair16_017

Some cell phone videos too!

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