Trip to St. Louis

August 28, 2016 | I’m behind on this blog (writing this in NOVEMBER) so it’s a good thing I made a draft for this post with some bullet points about our first real family road trip. St. Louis wasn’t too far, but our first time in a hotel was set!  E did so great for us…especially considering we were in the middle of potty training.  We used pull-ups just to keep it simple, but she still went potty lots of times.  With one road-side stop to use her tiny potty. I also found a hotel with a separate couch/TV area from the beds, which is important when your traveling companion goes to bed at 8…

  • Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood d’oh! (we sing/insert the d’oh an random points in the song and she laughs like crazy)
  • Stop Hand vs. Walking Man was pointed out on each corner downtown
  • “Carry me!” — aka not wanting to walk
  • Getting super-social, & asking strangers what their names are
  • Pony blanket, pony train, and soft-Applejack were gifts on this trip
  • Looking back & forth 5 times for Rarity (& it was right in her lap, so she was being silly)
  • Only had to use the tablet ONCE in the car on the way there for 15-mins when she angrily woke early from nap
  • Loved the hotel room, and the beds, but mostly the elevator (pushed the Alarm bell once)
  • A hotel with free breakfast, happy hour, and evening milk + cookies is AWESOME
  • The Zoo was not only free, but amazing.  Watching elephants swim just a stones throw away seriously made my day.
  • The penguin exhibit was a welcome relief from the heat, and one of them even splashed us enough to soak our shirts/stroller.  E talked about this for days!
  • Fed the birds bread at the zoo & loved it better than most of the exhibits
  • Dave was sick — but totally pushed through.  Even at the Magic House that contained literally hundreds of toddlers.
  • Magic House really was magical.  I want to go back sometime soon because she LOVED it and we enjoyed the tech/3D printer stuff too!
  • Night of getting home, she grabbed her wooden camera and said she was going on a trip, and gave me a big hug & kiss and said she’d miss me…I guess she likes to travel!

rp_stlouis_0001 rp_stlouis_0002 rp_stlouis_0003 rp_stlouis_0004 rp_stlouis_0005 rp_stlouis_0006 rp_stlouis_0007 rp_stlouis_0008 rp_stlouis_0009 rp_stlouis_0010 rp_stlouis_0011 rp_stlouis_0012 rp_stlouis_0013 rp_stlouis_0014 rp_stlouis_0015 rp_stlouis_0016 rp_stlouis_0017 rp_stlouis_0018 rp_stlouis_0019 rp_stlouis_0020 rp_stlouis_0021 rp_stlouis_0022 rp_stlouis_0023 rp_stlouis_0024 rp_stlouis_0025 rp_stlouis_0026 rp_stlouis_0027 rp_stlouis_0028 rp_stlouis_0029 rp_stlouis_0030 rp_stlouis_0031 rp_stlouis_0032 rp_stlouis_0033 rp_stlouis_0034 rp_stlouis_0035 rp_stlouis_0036 rp_stlouis_0037 rp_stlouis_0038 rp_stlouis_0039 rp_stlouis_0040 rp_stlouis_0041 rp_stlouis_0042 rp_stlouis_0043 rp_stlouis_0044 rp_stlouis_0045 rp_stlouis_0046

And some phone-photos too!

2016-08-28-15-55-09-1 2016-08-28-16-47-48 2016-08-28-17-56-30-2 2016-08-28-23-06-10 2016-08-29-18-37-17 2016-08-29-18-43-13-1 2016-08-29-18-43-16-1 2016-08-30-08-55-05 2016-08-30-09-02-54 2016-08-30-09-15-33-1-1 2016-08-30-10-37-34-1 2016-08-30-11-29-45-1 2016-08-30-11-36-57 2016-08-30-11-51-34-2 2016-08-30-13-02-53 2016-08-30-13-39-59

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