Lake Labor Day

September 4, 2016 | The rest of Labor Day we spent at the lake with family.  This meant we FINALLY got to get in the boat that we worked so hard to clean/prep for the year, and E had some pretty awesome firsts.  She loves being on the lake, on a boat, swimming around the anchored-boats, and jumping from the platforms into the water.  ZERO fear, tons of giggles, and just an awesome experience for all of us.  She basically skipped her nap on this day (a short one on Grandma during the boat ride was enough), and kept everyone laughing the whole time!  During that quick nap, Dave and I took-off on the jetski for a few minutes at 65 MPH.  It’s so fun!  Then as we were slowing coming back to the boats, we saw E was awake again and wanted to ride with us too!  So we put her in the middle and slowly drove around the cove a bit.  She kept yelling at me “Go FASTER mommy!”  Thanks to Susan for snapping some photos with me in them… 🙂  This is also the trip where she was climbing on the front porch, fell off a stool, into giant bushes (as in, we couldn’t even SEE her just heard her kinda-whining), and came out with a huge scratch over her brow.  I swear I can still see a slight mark several months later…!

2016-09-04-14-44-43 2016-09-04-15-03-04 2016-09-04-15-03-17 2016-09-04-15-03-34 2016-09-04-15-20-06 2016-09-04-15-20-09 2016-09-04-15-20-13 2016-09-04-15-21-10 2016-09-04-15-25-23-2 2016-09-04-15-29-21-hdr 2016-09-04-15-59-55 2016-09-04-16-00-06-1 2016-09-04-16-00-55 2016-09-04-16-03-38 2016-09-04-16-07-32-2 2016-09-04-17-00-46-1 2016-09-04-17-00-50-2
2016-09-04-22-09-34 2016-09-04-22-16-11 2016-09-04-22-18-19 2016-09-04-22-34-08 2016-09-05-13-37-54

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