Puddle Jumping

September 8, 2016 | After quite a bit of rain, I saw a local park had all of these GIANT puddles in the parking lot while I was location-scouting…and made the call that I would be bringing E back that very same day when I picked her up from day care.  SO glad that I did!  Running and jumping as hard as she could into the water, then hiking over rocks (“don’t help me mommy”) to finding little wildflowers, AND popping-a-squat to pee in a big field in front of a team of kids having soccer practice.  Classic…

rp_puddlejump2016_0001 rp_puddlejump2016_0002 rp_puddlejump2016_0003 rp_puddlejump2016_0004 rp_puddlejump2016_0005 rp_puddlejump2016_0006 rp_puddlejump2016_0007 rp_puddlejump2016_0008 rp_puddlejump2016_0009 rp_puddlejump2016_0010 rp_puddlejump2016_0011 rp_puddlejump2016_0012 rp_puddlejump2016_0013 rp_puddlejump2016_0014 rp_puddlejump2016_0015 rp_puddlejump2016_0016 rp_puddlejump2016_0017 rp_puddlejump2016_0018

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