Busiest, Saturday, EVER

September 10, 2016 | I tend to make a LOT of plans when it comes to local activities, and this particular Saturday there was lots to see and do.  Of course, I wanted to make it all happen!  First, the day started like usual…pony playtime in undies… 🙂

2016-09-10-08-43-20First, a nearby city had a Spinach Festival that I wanted to check out.  Mostly for the giant-meatball food-truck, but also because the day was gorgeous and I knew there would be a lot for E to do.  Playgrounds being the easiest.  With the late-start, lines for bounce-houses and face painting were out of control.  BUT, Home Depot had these adorable wooden kits for kids of all ages to put together.  For bigger kids you needed hammers, but for the littlest builders you just put the pieces together by hand…so I grabbed E a sailboat!


Once E was home and napping, I ran out to pick-up my Mom & Abbey for a women’s craft fair.  My girlfriend Jen was selling her handmade pieces for the first time ever, so I really wanted to go and support her.

2016-09-10-15-19-15-1 2016-09-10-15-09-09-2

Someone woke-up from her nap VERY happy…which is a good thing because we got her dressed and ready for the annual carnival in our city.  She was happy to show her cousin how AWESOME rides are, and how you hand your ticket to the person at the gate.  E would be on rides all night if we let her!  After some quick eats, we had to DRAG her out from under the bleachers to get her home.  Finding a potty and getting close to bed time just meant we had to get going… 🙂

2016-09-10-16-50-44 2016-09-10-17-40-34-1 2016-09-10-17-43-15-hdr-2 2016-09-10-17-44-57-2 2016-09-10-17-49-18-2 2016-09-10-17-49-51-hdr-1 2016-09-10-17-51-02-hdr 2016-09-10-21-47-412016-09-10-18-46-08-hdr 2016-09-10-19-42-36

Exhausting…yes.  But I wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂

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