Chili Challenge

October 15, 2016 | Here we are for year 3 at the Chili Challenge with our friends (Team Fire in the Hole)!  E adores Isabel, and I was so excited to finally capture that admiration in a photo.  When we ventured out to the other parts of the contest, people have all sorts of fun things to pass out.  She made sure we got a few extra things for her big-girl hero!

2016-10-15-12-06-10-2 2016-10-15-12-26-08 2016-10-15-16-31-29

After eating a LOT of chili, we all went to the amazing playground up North to burn more energy…which E decided is best by laying down and pretending to nap… 🙂


The day ended with a visit to her BFF, E’s house for some yummy food and time by the fire pit.  All of the kids had a lot of fun, and I’m sure running around a fire is good parenting all around…

2016-10-15-18-56-10-2 2016-10-15-19-13-36-1 2016-10-15-19-13-43-2

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