Fall Pro Pics

October 11, 2016 | Yes, we hire a photographer multiple times a year for family pics…but seeing as this is my profession, I really value having nice images to pass on to E as she grows up.  You never know what life will bring, and this time of our lives is so much FUN. E makes me laugh every day, and her crazy/fearless outlook on life is inspiring.  Love you so much E!

rp_kjpro16_0001 rp_kjpro16_0002 rp_kjpro16_0003 rp_kjpro16_0004 rp_kjpro16_0005 rp_kjpro16_0006 rp_kjpro16_0007 rp_kjpro16_0008 rp_kjpro16_0009

When we say “Don’t you shake your booty!” this is what happens…and some of the best smiles are the direct result of me singing the My Little Pony theme song (that she dances maniacally to each time we watch it)!  And of course, a behind-the-scene view:

2016-10-11-09-16-13-1 2016-10-11-09-16-21-hdr-2 2016-10-11-10-11-44-hdr

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