October 31, 2016 | Halloween fell on a Monday this year, which means E and I had the day together. This was the last day the Farmstead was open, so E and I spent all morning enjoying the nice weather!

2016-10-31-11-14-55-hdr 2016-10-31-11-19-21-hdr 2016-10-31-11-45-42-1 2016-10-31-12-14-41-1

Now for her costume. I made a rookie-mistake by making her a Pinkie Pie crochet hat well in advance of the holiday. Thinking this would be great, since time is limited in the Fall for my job. BUT…that left too much time for her to change her mind. We have a book called “the Lonely Firefly” that blinks at the end, and when we were reading it one night (and she was telling me she did NOT want to be Pinkie Pie), it hit me that she could be a firefly! After checking Pinterest and seeing 0 results, I had to come up with something. I knew that battery operated LED-lights were cheap (like $7 for a 15 ft strand) so I ordered a couple on Amazon right away.  I free-hand-crocheted the wings, and found bicycle-safety lights that actually LOOKED like eyes to attach to a black winter hat!  I had a sweatshirt, sweatpants and tights, being prepared for cold weather.  Well it was WARM, which meant running out to find a black shirt and casual shoes last-minute.  But the lights/blinking was a big success all around!  The “make-up” wasn’t so great — instead of adding to the magic her face just looked dirty…ha!

The crochet didn’t stop there though…my niece has the cutest/chubbiest cheeks ever, which meant I had to make the Cabbage Patch hat for her!  After a couple of unsuccessful attempts (yarn/size) I finally got it.  The perfect yellow (not too bright, but yellow) was found, and my sister found pink overalls to complete the look.  Now for B, my sister found a sandwich-board style cookie costume!  When we told E what her cousin was going to be she could not stop laughing.  As in, she couldn’t WAIT to see him in it!  And when he walked up she loved it.  And mentioned it multiple times while trick-or-treating.  After several houses, we went back to A’s house for an awesome chili-noodle dinner.  It was so much fun, even with a melt-down at the end of the night with an overtired toddler!

2016-10-31-16-57-58 2016-10-31-16-59-45

rp_halloween16_0001 rp_halloween16_0002

rp_halloween16_0003 rp_halloween16_0004 rp_halloween16_0005 rp_halloween16_0006 rp_halloween16_0007 rp_halloween16_0008 rp_halloween16_0009 rp_halloween16_0010 rp_halloween16_0011 rp_halloween16_0012 rp_halloween16_0013 rp_halloween16_0014 rp_halloween16_0015 rp_halloween16_0016 rp_halloween16_0017 rp_halloween16_0018 rp_halloween16_0019 rp_halloween16_0020

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