Painting Pumpkins

October 8, 2016 | After the pumpkin patch and a good nap, we had plans with the family to do a little pumpkin-painting in the front yard.  But first, why not invite cousin B to ride along in the bike trailer!  D and I rode our bikes to his house, picked him up, and returned to our house where the paints & glitter were waiting.  It was adorable hearing E ask “Are you having fun, B?!” and he was just taking it all in (not responding).  The painting was a big hit, but the glitter-shakers even more so.  C was content in her car seat for this portion of the evening, but I have a feeling she will be getting her hands in there next year!  It is obvious that I really love the Fall?

rp_pumppaint16_0001 rp_pumppaint16_0002 rp_pumppaint16_0003 rp_pumppaint16_0004 rp_pumppaint16_0005 rp_pumppaint16_0006 rp_pumppaint16_0007 rp_pumppaint16_0008 rp_pumppaint16_0009 rp_pumppaint16_0010 rp_pumppaint16_0011 rp_pumppaint16_0012 rp_pumppaint16_0013 rp_pumppaint16_0014 rp_pumppaint16_0015 rp_pumppaint16_0016 rp_pumppaint16_0017

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