the Pumpkin Run

October 13, 2016 | You know how you sign-up for a 5K, thinking that the approaching-date will motivate you to actually run?  Yeah, it doesn’t always work.  The day of this race, I texted Abbey to ask if she wanted me to pick her up early from work to make it downtown for our 5:30 PM race time.  She didn’t know what I was talking about…uh, that RACE WE ARE SIGNED-UP TO RUN?!

Fast-forward to her moving-up a hair cut/color, me getting her from said salon, and us making our way to the river for check-in, etc.  I brought a couple head-band “costume” options for us since we didn’t have time to make anything, and we arrived to a bit of a traffic-back-up getting in to park.  My friend Megan was also racing the same time as us, so I was trying to text her but my phone died (iPhone 6s battery issues are FUN).  If we had been only 30 minutes later, we wouldn’t have made our wave!  The traffic jam to get to the race grew exponentially, and people couldn’t park anywhere.  We raced, got our medals, pumpkins, hot cider, and a photo all before Megan had even parked her car.  INSANITY.  I liked the race itself, but there will have to be some major changes for next year if I’m going to do it again.  We ate a late dinner at Pigwich downtown — and browsed a little local-store while our sammies were cooking.  Here’s to running a bit more in 2017!


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