Union Station Visit

November 28, 2016 | After all of the travel and busy-family/friend plans, Dave mentioned he’d take the Monday after Thanksgiving off of work. I loved this idea, & we made our way downtown to see the Christmas stuff, and ride the kid-train!  We pulled-up, and had the place mostly to ourselves…which doesn’t happen closer to Christmas. BUT, the train ride is CLOSED on Mondays. BOO! Good thing E is still easily distracted at this age… 🙂 She spent a lot of time around the giant tree, and even managed to dive head-first towards the marble floor. How she caught herself, I’ll never know. But I was certainly happy! We walked into the great hall to visit the model trains, and then took the sky-walk over to get lunch. There were some cement workers outside that we tried to show her, but she ended that with a quick, “I’m done with this now”!

The train restaurant was a possibility, but it’s always super-crowded. Monday after Thanksgiving? Walked…right…in. While the train is enthralling, Dave said it best: “Food is exceedingly mediocre…”

The weather was gorgeous, so why not keep the adventure going and play on all of the Christmas toys! I have to dig-up my own childhood photos on some of those things. We could barely keep up with E running car, to horse, to train. I dragged her over to the skating rink just to show her ice skating, but “I don’t want to; it’s too slippery!”

Now we are getting dangerously close to nap time, so Dave started towards the car, while I took E inside to pick out an ornament. She carefully considered several options, and landed on a cupcake! She’s definitely my child, and we hung it on the tree right when we got home. This will be our annual tradition from now on for sure!

rp_ccenter16_001 rp_ccenter16_002 rp_ccenter16_003 rp_ccenter16_004 rp_ccenter16_005 rp_ccenter16_006 rp_ccenter16_007 rp_ccenter16_008 rp_ccenter16_009 rp_ccenter16_010 rp_ccenter16_011 rp_ccenter16_012 rp_ccenter16_013 rp_ccenter16_014 rp_ccenter16_015 rp_ccenter16_016 rp_ccenter16_017 rp_ccenter16_018 rp_ccenter16_019

Adding in a couple cell-phone images!

2016-11-28-11-41-54 2016-11-28-11-42-05 2016-11-28-11-42-40 2016-11-28-12-52-42-hdr 2016-11-28-17-26-16


November 26, 2016 | It’s tradition that turkey-day with Dave’s family is celebrated the Saturday-after, at the lake. When you have a lovely background of fall trees, I cannot help but pack my camera and snag some family photos. I love seeing E at these events, because there’s so much going on, and she manages to always find Kaylee or Hannah. It’s chaos, but so much FUN. From Maddi’s dog that nobody loves but her (ha!), Scott being goofy on the family tractor, and Sandy with all of her kids doing 80’s poses…it was a blast.

My family celebrated on Sunday, and I managed to snap ONE photo of my Dad reading with E. I should be grounded! We try to take my family photo each Thanksgiving, so I don’t know what happened. Maybe dinner ran late? There not much as far as “background” to work with? There’s NO EXCUSE. Next year…

rp_tgiving16_001 rp_tgiving16_002 rp_tgiving16_003 rp_tgiving16_004 rp_tgiving16_005 rp_tgiving16_006 rp_tgiving16_007 rp_tgiving16_008 rp_tgiving16_009 rp_tgiving16_010 rp_tgiving16_011 rp_tgiving16_012 rp_tgiving16_013 rp_tgiving16_014 rp_tgiving16_015 rp_tgiving16_016 rp_tgiving16_017 rp_tgiving16_018 rp_tgiving16_019 rp_tgiving16_020 rp_tgiving16_021 rp_tgiving16_022 rp_tgiving16_023 rp_tgiving16_024 rp_tgiving16_025 rp_tgiving16_026 rp_tgiving16_027 rp_tgiving16_028 rp_tgiving16_029 rp_tgiving16_030 rp_tgiving16_031

And three cell-photos…

2016-11-26-16-18-19 2016-11-26-16-22-06 2016-11-27-15-47-59


November 25, 2016 | Thanksgiving isn’t just a time for family, it’s a time that several of my besties are all in the same town! We try so hard to get the whole crew together, once with the kids and once without, and it’s always great for my soul. We laugh about the silly stories of our kids, reminisce about college days, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Daytime was the kid-version…with 4 of the 6 of us getting our kids together. It was mayhem at the house, but they kids LOVED having free-reign of Jennifer’s basement. I went downstairs to check on E, and couldn’t believe the giant mess! And it took a lot of time to find her dang socks (why do kids always take those off?!).

2016-11-25-12-29-18-hdr 2016-11-25-12-29-30 2016-11-25-12-29-41-1 2016-11-25-12-29-50 2016-11-25-12-29-52 2016-11-25-12-30-00-hdr 2016-11-25-12-30-13

Initially we had talked about having the adults-only gathering at a restaurant, but after much discussion I offered to host a low-key dinner where the focus would be talking. Which we do a lot of. Having Sarah in town from Kenya (kid-free!) was the best. The wine bottles piled-up, and we ate so much desert it’s gross. Dave had E at the lake, so I even had a few overnight-guests! What a great time…the only missing piece was a group-photo.  #FAIL   🙂

2016-11-25-20-13-07 2016-11-25-20-13-20 2016-11-25-20-13-23

Mini-Tree Decor

November 24, 2016 | It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas…at least to me. Naturally I had E’s tree upstairs before Thanksgiving, because I had a feeling that this year she would be more interested in decorating it!  She did, but preferred to put ALL of her ornaments on the angel-tree-topper…and it took several conversations to help her understand that Mom or Dad had to plug it in for her. But as long as she could play with her own decor inside the cardboard-box-spaceship, she was SET!

rp_minitree_001 rp_minitree_002 rp_minitree_003 rp_minitree_004 rp_minitree_005 rp_minitree_006 rp_minitree_007

Tree Farm Mini-Session

November 23, 2016 | When Leigh posted that she’d be doing mini-sessions in a tree farm, I snagged a spot right away.  I like these quick/easy sessions, even if I spend more time finding outfits than shooting… 🙂  She grabbed some hilarious shots, especially of Mark and Dave at the start of our shoot.  And the image with her fellow-E? So…sweet!

rp_treeminipro16001 rp_treeminipro16002 rp_treeminipro16003 rp_treeminipro16004 rp_treeminipro16005 rp_treeminipro16006 rp_treeminipro16007 rp_treeminipro16008 rp_treeminipro16009 rp_treeminipro16010 rp_treeminipro16011 rp_treeminipro16012

My Tea!

November 7, 2016 | Monday play time means exploring different playgrounds…even if the weather isn’t 100% ideal. I packed up some snacks, and of course some tea for me in a thermos. E was completely into pretending we were on a ship, avoiding a sea monster in the waters below. Which evolved into ME being the monster, and chasing her around!  I kept putting down my thermos so I could really run towards her, and before I knew it she was going to hide. After a couple of times, I found her drinking my tea! “This tea is very good, Mommy!”

2016-11-07-10-02-53-1 2016-11-07-10-11-20-1 2016-11-07-10-29-02 2016-11-07-10-47-12 2016-11-07-10-51-05-1 2016-11-07-10-51-14-hdr 2016-11-07-10-51-21