November 25, 2016 | Thanksgiving isn’t just a time for family, it’s a time that several of my besties are all in the same town! We try so hard to get the whole crew together, once with the kids and once without, and it’s always great for my soul. We laugh about the silly stories of our kids, reminisce about college days, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Daytime was the kid-version…with 4 of the 6 of us getting our kids together. It was mayhem at the house, but they kids LOVED having free-reign of Jennifer’s basement. I went downstairs to check on E, and couldn’t believe the giant mess! And it took a lot of time to find her dang socks (why do kids always take those off?!).

2016-11-25-12-29-18-hdr 2016-11-25-12-29-30 2016-11-25-12-29-41-1 2016-11-25-12-29-50 2016-11-25-12-29-52 2016-11-25-12-30-00-hdr 2016-11-25-12-30-13

Initially we had talked about having the adults-only gathering at a restaurant, but after much discussion I offered to host a low-key dinner where the focus would be talking. Which we do a lot of. Having Sarah in town from Kenya (kid-free!) was the best. The wine bottles piled-up, and we ate so much desert it’s gross. Dave had E at the lake, so I even had a few overnight-guests! What a great time…the only missing piece was a group-photo.  #FAIL   🙂

2016-11-25-20-13-07 2016-11-25-20-13-20 2016-11-25-20-13-23

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