November 26, 2016 | It’s tradition that turkey-day with Dave’s family is celebrated the Saturday-after, at the lake. When you have a lovely background of fall trees, I cannot help but pack my camera and snag some family photos. I love seeing E at these events, because there’s so much going on, and she manages to always find Kaylee or Hannah. It’s chaos, but so much FUN. From Maddi’s dog that nobody loves but her (ha!), Scott being goofy on the family tractor, and Sandy with all of her kids doing 80’s poses…it was a blast.

My family celebrated on Sunday, and I managed to snap ONE photo of my Dad reading with E. I should be grounded! We try to take my family photo each Thanksgiving, so I don’t know what happened. Maybe dinner ran late? There not much as far as “background” to work with? There’s NO EXCUSE. Next year…

rp_tgiving16_001 rp_tgiving16_002 rp_tgiving16_003 rp_tgiving16_004 rp_tgiving16_005 rp_tgiving16_006 rp_tgiving16_007 rp_tgiving16_008 rp_tgiving16_009 rp_tgiving16_010 rp_tgiving16_011 rp_tgiving16_012 rp_tgiving16_013 rp_tgiving16_014 rp_tgiving16_015 rp_tgiving16_016 rp_tgiving16_017 rp_tgiving16_018 rp_tgiving16_019 rp_tgiving16_020 rp_tgiving16_021 rp_tgiving16_022 rp_tgiving16_023 rp_tgiving16_024 rp_tgiving16_025 rp_tgiving16_026 rp_tgiving16_027 rp_tgiving16_028 rp_tgiving16_029 rp_tgiving16_030 rp_tgiving16_031

And three cell-photos…

2016-11-26-16-18-19 2016-11-26-16-22-06 2016-11-27-15-47-59

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