Company Kid-Party

December 3, 2016 | D’s company has a “Winter Event” for the adults, but this is the first year that we thought E would enjoy the kid-party. They basically rent an arcade (in 2 shifts) and have the games set on free-play, which is really nice. No tickets/prizes of course, but unlimited play for a couple hours made for a very happy E. Plus “rides” for littles! In a back room was Mr. and Mrs. Claus, complete with elves and free printed photos as you are walking off the set. Oh, and cookies/juice/donuts, just to guarantee a toddler meltdown later. These photos were hilarious, and they even ask the parents to jump in the back for a photo too.  After watching the other parents smile awkwardly, we had to be totally strange and throw jazz hands (and we used that photo for our annual card too).  E is so lucky to have us… 🙂

The barrel of SLUDGE in the background really makes these photos lovely!

City Christmas Tree Lighting

December 2, 2016 | I almost didn’t post this one…because it wasn’t what we were hoping it would be.  But I brought my real camera and snapped some so-so images, so they are going to go on the blog!

Our city was having it’s first Tree Lighting ceremony at the new community center, so I thought it would be fun to attend with E. I adore Christmas, so any excuse! Well, it was more of a commercial for the city…lots of talking/announcements.  The kids’ eyes were all glazed over and I was just trying to prevent E from pulling down the barricade to the tree. They finally turned them on and it was…meh. But with everyone occupied by Santa talking into the mic, that meant no waiting at the goat-ride! Yes, you read that right…ridiculous. We went inside for some crafts and vendor tables, but jetted out pretty quick. I don’t think this will become a tradition for us…ha!