Christmas Day

December 25, 2016 | When you have an early-rising toddler, going to the early mass isn’t too difficult. But we aren’t totally cruel, and after E was dressed we let her come downstairs to see what Santa had left. Stockings are allowed before church, and she loved seeing a magic bell from the sleigh, and glitter from Santa’s suit all over the fireplace! She told Santa she wanted a blue duck, and that was found in the stocking! After a few photos out front in her adorable dress (that a client of mine hand-made) we met my parents at church. Since it’s in a temporary location — a school — there’s only one spot that kinda works for photos. Rain meant using that backdrop, but it’s fine because that means I was in a photo… 🙂 Then it was time to head home and open/play with PRESENTS! The doll house, and ponies, were all the rage! But the animals and their food in the dollhouse was all that she really needed — who needs the people?!

Then it was time for D’s family-party — so off to Mark’s house for lots more fun!  I didn’t really take a lot of photos for this one, probably because I’m talking with so many different people there. E absolutely loves it, and asks about Grandma S (or pretends to ride to her house) all the time. Merry Christmas!

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