February 5, 2017 | It had been many years since the last time I attended this conference, but I really wanted a boost when it came to inspiration for my photography business. Plus a lot of the old crew was going, so I signed up! Lots of people take classes, seminars, do networking dinners…blech. Not me! I spend time with the people that I enjoy, and we go into the critique rooms and watch some of the best shooters’ work get evaluated and judged on a big screen. It’s humbling, but makes me want to expand my capabilities as a shooter. Despite carrying my camera a lot of places, I really didn’t use it much. Just here and there, but some bullet points that come to mind are;

  • Chris offering his flask to another KC-photographer we just met, getting shut down by said photographer, and from then on that guy was on his s&*t list.
  • Being in Vegas sober isn’t quite as fun
  • But it helps when Deanna randomly paid for a limo to get us back to our hotel!
  • Dave stayed back home with E, and decided to take Monday off to have a day with her. Little did he know she’d be sick for days, and he’d be stuck inside the house the whole time I was gone… 😦
  • We visited Hoover Dam in a rental car (just a few of us) and it was awesome. I saved the DAM Tour for the next time I go with Dave, since he’s always wanted to.
  • I chose horrible in the footwear department; as in, a foot was bleeding, and even my backup shoes from my bag hurt. JD couldn’t get over the fact I had backup shoes.
  • I’m too old for Vegas clubs, but still LOVE to dance (even sober)

Cell phone goodies!

We were in the room while this image was critiqued…and it received a perfect 100 in the Illustrative Category (unheard of), and I am in complete AWE of how it was put together by Ben Shirk. It’s a composite, meaning the photographer took all of the images himself at the zoo, of his son, grass at the roadside, and then creating a completely digital concept that resulted in this amazingness. Talent doesn’t even BEGIN. His Website

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