CF Walk

May 13, 2017 | This year might win for the best weather — not cold, and definitely not roasting like the previous year. E does a much better job of sticking close to us in large public spaces which makes these a lot more fun! But you absolutely cannot keep her away from cousin K. As in, I have to make sure E isn’t all-up-in-her-business every minute they are together! All you have to do is say K’s name, and E’s face completely transforms into a giant smile. A lot of the family was there, and since it’s right around Grandma’s birthday we got to bring home several gifts too… ๐Ÿ™‚ Bomb pops also happen to be…well…the BOMB!


Cousin Mondays

May 8, 2017 | This will actually include a FEW of the different Mondays we spent together with our cousins during the month of May. With my sister working part time, and both of us using Monday as our “kid” day, it only makes sense to get the whole crew together for some fun! ย The Museum, the Farmstead, a local nature park, AND a neighborhood park…I think we had all of the Mondays included!

May the 4th

May 4, 2017 | Being a house who loves Star Wars, E had to rock her shirt on this national day dedicated to the Light Saber…and check out those dance moves!

And apparently she was really excited about our garage sale — I had to pry this sign from her hands on more than one occasion!

Wine Stroll

April 28, 2017 | I’d heard about this “wine stroll” at the lake, in fact D even did it many years ago when he went to Warsaw without me (pretty sure I had a wedding). We planned to visit Sandy, but the weather was pretty crummy the whole time. Rain and intense hail as I was trying to put E down for a nap…of course. After considering my options I chose to stroll with the other ladies while D stayed back with the kiddo. The downtown area is interesting for sure, and there were various wineries setup inside each of the shops. Including a GYM where a band was playing and people were exercising at the same time…ha! The wine is very sweet — almost like Kool-aid — so it isn’t really my favorite. But after several samplings I ran back for a Elderberry wine that seemed to be nice. Opening that wine at home weeks later would reveal that no, in fact, it is NOT good. But it was still a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again next year! E got a few more 4-wheel rides in, plus marbles of course…

Strider Class

April 25, 2017 | My photo-friend Stacey is WAY into bikes with his boys, so it is only natural that he teach a small city-organized Strider Bike class for kids to learn the basics! There was the option to purchase the class AND a bike, but since we already have a hand-me-down we only had to spend $25 to join. They learned safety, balance and how to avoid paying attention during class…

I think E’s favorite part was the ice-cream afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚