First Day of Preschool

April 4, 2017 | After a weekend full of emotion, another big wave was coming our way in the form of preschool. Our little E was making the switch to 3-days a week (Tues-Thurs) of full-day school, and we prepared for a tearful drop-off. D and I went together, and walked her into her room. She was fine! Happy, walked right in and started playing…it was perfect. PHEW! So the next day I just took her myself, expecting more of the same. Yet something “clicked” and she realized that this was the new norm (and not just a novelty for one day). Que the waterworks…for BOTH of us due to my own emotional state. UGH it was so hard to walk out of that classroom hearing her beg me not to leave her! The emotions ebb and flow for sure, but I’m glad it isn’t all sad…she’s learning so much, comes home with new songs, and even talks about FRIENDS! 🙂



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