Memorial Day Weekend

May 27, 2017 | When we first arrived at the lake, we were the only ones there!!  Which never, ever happens. But we got to play with a lot of water (+ a new squirt toy with a Dino on it, of course). The water was incredibly high…so much that you couldn’t even see the Berm that spend so many hours at. After a nice nighttime walk, a tree swing, and throwing rocks from the muddy-bank, we hit the pillow hard to prepare for the next day and lots more family. I had to include the image of D’s BUTT, because he saw me shooting and likes to be an ass… 😉  Sunday we went to church — E goes for the donuts I think — and spent most of the day on Grandma’s deck playing with very cold water and water balloons. The new swan didn’t even make it into the water!

Monday it was sunny and gorgeous, so we made a quick trip to our neighborhood pool.  BRRR it was freezing, but I also remembered when you’re a child temperatures mean virtually nothing when it comes to swimming!

Great-Grandpa’s 92nd Birthday

May 26, 2017 | Turning 92 is a BIG DEAL, so we thought we should take three little kids to a sophisticated/higher-end restaurant…ha! Etch-a-Sketch was surprisingly fun for the toddlers…and great-grandpa… 🙂 Overall they did ok, but E had her share of tantrums and Cha-Cha just didn’t want to be confined. At least one kiddo made it to the candle & singing! Thankful for a hostess that didn’t mind coming outdoors to take a group photo…inside it was SO DARK I couldn’t do it at the table. I only had to swap two heads in the group, and remove a handicap sign! #worthit

We got home and E really wanted to play by the pond in her party dress. Red is currently her favorite color, and GGpa gave her one of his balloons to keep. She can look so innocent sometimes, right?

WoF Day

May 21, 2017 | Each year E gets bigger, this theme park is more fun! Last year we did very few rides, and were forced to spend way too long inside the ball-pit/gun room. The shade was nice, but the noise was pure torture. THIS year E was ready for lots of rides, and we began with the adult-scrambler! I worried it was a risk, but she LOVED IT. I’m also noticing the older I get the less capable I am to do the spinny-rides. Which kinda sucks, but I was able to do a few! After rides all through Camp Snoopy, she spotted the ball-area and instantly remembered. We ran in there, and after about 5-minutes she was ready to leave because “It’s too noisy in there!” <fist pump> The best part;  as we were getting ready to walk out of the park, we see the Viking Voyager. We were really tired, and there was a line, but something told us to just go for it! I’m so…darn…happy that we did. It was E’s favorite ride, and she couldn’t stop talking about it. And the photo??  I paid $12 to get an actual print (which included the crappiest digital file ever), and I would’ve likely paid more. Not to mention she actually fell asleep in the car on the way home…a rare sight indeed!

Turkey Creek Festival

May 20, 2017 | Last year this was so much fun, we decided to make it a priority in 2017. There aren’t many places that offer multiple FREE activities that aren’t so crowded you feel claustrophobic!  This time she was big enough to ride the pony by herself <sniff> and we could barely keep up with her and all of the bounce-house courses. We ran into Isabel (oh, and her Dad) so E was thrilled to follow the “big girl” around like a shadow. Paddle boats were the last item on the agenda, and it took some coaxing for a smile…I had to include the out take…ha!

Mothers Day

May 14, 2017 | This year we decided to try something new for Mother’s Day — why not celebrate all four of us at once??  I hosted, and since it was Jared’s birthday his mother brought him the traditional frosted chocolate cake.  We had little flower arrangements for the “Grandmas”, ate a lot of food, and ended the night with a fierce water-balloon fight!  It started completely innocent with the kids, but eventually Lindsey, Jared and Matt were throwing true softballs at each other!  E stopped the show by peeing on a rock in the corner mid-fight though…guess we need to work on those hosting-manners a bit more!