10-Year Wedding Anniversary

June 29, 2017 | TEN…YEARS. How is that even possible? It’s been the most amazing time ever…so many adventures and memories. So we had to make some more, with an overnight downtown at the Hotel Phillips.  First, a photo from the big day that always makes me smile…and he sent me flowers too!

First stop, dropping-off this crazy kids with her grandparents…and she brought her newest stuffed animal Poosha. (sidenote: she names most of her animals starting with the letter “P”)

We dropped-off our luggage, and had ZERO plans for the night.  So not like me at all!  But I kinda liked just walking around to various fancy drink spots for small plates and $12 cocktails. I totally nerded-out and photographed our drinks!  I also brought some sentimental items with the big plan that we would find a shop with a small cake. BUT…everything closed by the time we were walking back to the room! So the knife we cut our wedding cake with went unused. However the LED necklaces that I bought for the whole wedding party? I still had our two…and they totally lit up! We also drank a bottle of crappy-wine from that night — which tasted pretty bad — but what an awesome night.  Damn I love that guy! 🙂

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