June Bug Ball

June 8, 2017 | I threw some $1 store wings into the car, and went to get E from preschool. We had talked about the June Bug Ball in the morning, but she said she’d rather play water balloons. I thought maybe if I show her the new. purple. wings. with glitter…it would be a sure thing. But she still was thinking about the water balloons! I told her we should just go check it out to see if it was lots of fun…and she said “OK!”

So we got out of the car, strapped the butterfly wings to her, and made our way into the BALL! There were kiddos everywhere with costumes, antennae, dresses. E made sure to point them all out to me… 🙂 First stop was making her bug eyes/antenna. After a slow-moving line, we were finally on our way. She ran through the flag-maze, made some yummy/healthy bug-snacks (grapes on a skewer = caterpillar,  celery boat w/peanut butter & carrot shreds/raisins = fuzzy caterpillar), and danced in the pavilion with some “big fairies”.

I asked her if she wanted to play, or watch the big-girls dance…she actually chose watching! I was shocked — while she was mesmerized…ha!

Then it was time for more science-type stations. She pet the BIG craw-fish, and held a baby one until it crawled and she threw it back into the volunteers’ hand. We found giant bugs on display, touched some worms, and she took off her wings ONLY to make the slides easier to play on.

By the time we walked back by the pavilion, the big-girls were actually dancing WITH the little girls. She ran up those stairs and instantly found a partner. It was the cutest thing EVAAAAA

Her favorite part of the whole thing though? ICE CREAM

Honorable mention; hammering a Home Depot tool-box together, on an aluminum picnic table with dozens of other kids/parents, is enough to make your brain go nutso…  We will definitely be returning next year — perhaps getting started closer to 4 (vs 5:30 PM) since it closes at 7. Such a fun night!

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