College Friends, Reunited!

July 7, 2017 | It almost never happens that all of my closest friends from high school are in town, with their kids, ready to hang out. It’s amazing! My BFF was here from out of state, and we gathered at Heather’s house with all of the kids for an afternoon of crochet water balloons and endless snacks… 🙂

Then later in the week it was time to get together with the WHOLE crew, where we attempted to go to a toy shop (complete with story-time and free snacks), bowling with 10 kids (which also somehow was free), then out to lunch with this crazy bunch. It was surreal…especially considering Sarah and her boys are in town from KENYA! Each kid took a turn throwing a tantrum or pushing another kid…breaking into tears over snacks, food, cutting in line, whatever. And we just wanted to chat, so kinda let it all happen…ha! So glad the restaurant had an outdoor play area, where it was a revolving door of kids coming in/out to tell on one another for something.

But of course we managed to have dinner with the adults-only…and talked WAY too late into the night. I only snagged a single image…and we were missing Jennifer this whole time because she was traveling for work! 😦 I’m so glad that Heather took one too!

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