Old Settlers Parade & Carnival

September 9, 2017 | We went to the carnival last year, but this year why not attempt the parade too?  The weather was lovely, so we rallied the troops (Mom was working at the school, boo) and all met-up along the parade route.  The kids mostly ate snacks, but paid attention when there were loud bands playing!  We ducked-out of the parade before it ended so we could get to the rides before the crowds.  B & C had to take off before that part (unhappily at that) but there was no way to drag E from the festivities.  She’s a thrill seeker, and rides make her soooo happy!  I played the balloon dart game, and she chose the POO EMOJI for a prize.  Seriously…


Bathroom Rennovation

September 5, 2017 | Just had to have this in the record — our first major home-project was the master-bathroom, and the crew was AWESOME.  We will definitely be using them again.  I haven’t taken the official “AFTER” photos yet, but I’ll add them in this post once I do… 🙂

***ETA: Now that I finally shot the “after” images, I’m adding them into this post 4/24/18***

Labor Day at the Lake

September 3, 2017 | I only took 9 photos with my actual camera…which is almost not worth lugging the thing out of town!  But these three images are so sweet of these cousins…2nd cousins?…whatever they are, family!  E wasn’t interested in going out on the boat this time (wha?!?!) but Dave stayed back while she napped so I could go.  It was a fairly quick trip with time at the berm, letting the kids take the SUP all together (taking turns was tough for sure), and just relaxin!

the Sunflower Field

September 1, 2017 | It’s that time of year again, when the giant Sunflower field blooms and hoards of people make their way out there.  But we attempted a sunrise arrival instead!  Which meant no crowds and easy parking.  The lighting was ROUGH for sure…but trade-offs when you’re dragging toddlers out there.  These cousins are just too darn cute!  Thanks to the grandparents for helping control the kiddos, and holding up the scrim to assist with the blinding sun… 🙂