October 31, 2017 | Welcome to the CHAOS of trying to get three little kids ready/out the door in chilly weather…between a runaway wagon and batteries rolling around from a dropped light-up pumpkin, we started out quite rough!  But after telling the bigger kids that they were going to have to walk to earn some candy, we were on our way.  E really loves trick-or-treating, so it was hard to keep up with her.  C wasn’t really into it, and after a block or two she was ready to head home for bed. B made it a long ways too, and preferred to point out/name all of the types of cars than to really think about the candy much.  Mom and Dad brought over pizza before we began, and I was that loser mom who carried a DSLR with external flash…who does that these days?!  But I cannot handle a sad night-photo by the iPhone…

And some cell-photos as well!

Pumpkin Carving

October 28, 2017 | We painted pumpkins last year, so I thought it would be good for E to see how carving a pumpkin goes for her 3rd Halloween! I had a feeling she’d love the goopy insides, and boy did she. She kept saying “EEEEEWWWW!” with a big smile on her face as she scooped out the seeds. I may have sliced open my thumb — side-note, we need better knives — but it was so much fun.

Cell phone pics of the goop, and a happy kid with her finished gourds… 🙂

Preschool Fall Fest

October 27, 2017 | We are discovering that there are a LOT of activities at E’s preschool, and the Fall Festival was a chance to put on a costume, play some games, and listen to Mr. Stinky Feet play silly songs! I found this lion costume at the consignment sale — since she’s way into the Lion King — so I drew some eyeliner on her face and we were off with our ROARING lion! She was super excited to see her cousin there, and they both went trunk-or-treating in the parking lot with gusto. What a blast!  Plus a ton of sugar to boot… 🙂

Morning Story

October 26, 2017 |

6:30 AM:
I’m woken by pressure on my arm, and hear a small giggle. This can only mean that Dave left E’s door open after her 3:45 AM potty wake-up, and she tends to wake-up really early when it’s a Papa day.  Preschool?  Nope…we have to wake her.  But the excitement of a Papa day means she’s ready to get out the door early.
But I somehow convinced her that it’s too early, and pull her into bed with us. She snuggles under the covers a bit, exclaiming it’s super cozy, and then plays with my hair a bit telling me she’ll make it look pretty… 🙂  Dave is half-asleep through most of the interaction (I think), but eventually wakes up and joins in the silliness!  She is grabbing hair-ties from my bed side table and throwing them on my pillow, so I grab her and throw her Paw-Patrol-Halloween-Jammie-self into the middle of the bed.
It was so so sweet, and ended with her grabbing three books from her room for me to read before breakfast. 🙂

New Kid Museum

October 23, 2017 | This particular Monday there was rain in the forecast, and that’s when I remembered a new museum had opened up in the Summertime. Plus, it has a kid-area that was highly-reviewed by fellow Moms! The morning began with dinos and the Paw Patrol (of course) but I finally convinced E to get dressed to go play.  The dog…chairs? Statues?  But the play area was pretty stellar.  There’s a jail, a post office, a theater with costumes, a fishing boat with magnetic poles, and a doll nursery…it’s perfect!  E’s favorite was the diner, where you put together a hamburger for your customer…it was the most realistic for sure. We are going to be returning this Winter!

the Cider Mill

October 16, 2017 | Another Monday, another Fall tradition! Going to the Cider Mill on Mondays is the best because it’s basically empty. No lines, plenty of donuts that are still hot from the fryer, and delicious cider slushies! I’m passing my love of pumpkins on to E in a big way…much to D’s horror.  A busy day means a night of chillin’ and dinosaur bath time!