G Kid Event & Luminary Walk

December 2, 2017 | D’s company puts together a kid event each year at an arcade, where the kids can meet Santa and we walk out with a printed photo or two. E was super excited to talk to Santa this year, and the fact that we were going to a “party” made her extra excited. The noise level was a bit insane, but it was a pretty good morning.

After a LONG nap (for E and I), we decided to head to the Luminary Walk. Hot coco was the ticket to convince E. It’d been a few years since our rough experience when she was a baby, and now that the event is over multiple weekends we figured let’s go! The car made it about a mile out from the entrance when traffic backed-up. Dave was NOT thrilled about the waiting, but we really had nowhere else to be so I convinced him this was happening… 🙂  After 20-minutes passed to get in, we were finally walking to the event.  This year they spread the gnome houses out a lot, along a much wider path, which fixed the biggest issue from the time we went before!  E walked most of the time by herself, was INFATUATED with the Opera-singing-Santa, downed her warm-cider, and ran to every light feature she saw. Pure heaven for this busy toddler. We ended up walking out to the car singing “Jingle Bells” while E had the hiccups… 🙂

ETA: Dave didn’t bring a coat, and regretted it IMMEDIATELY.  That night, E decided to vomit everywhere at 3 AM…joy!

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