Nap Wake-up

December 4, 2017 | E typically wakes up from nap or bedtime, she’s HAPPY. Today was a Mommy-day, and I heard her talking to herself in her room, not the usual calling out for me. So I just let her talk and sing, and realized she was giving her stuffed animals a true performance! I slowly opened the door, and she was on her back at the headboard, with her feet up the wall, kinda sideways. I started giggling, and then she did too! Hilarious, and then she told me about how all of the stuffed animals loved her songs, and I had her bow to both sides of lined up animals…so, darn, cute. 🙂

This is her after the nap — she knows if she stays in bed/goes to sleep, she gets a little iPad time as a reward!

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