Christmas Day

December 25, 2017 | Christmas is my favorite — in fact as the day approaches I start to get sad that it’s about to end! This was the most magical Christmas yet for E, and while we got up early to shower/dress for church, she slept until we woke her up, and had to practically hold her back from the living room so I could get into place. I said she could enter, and she RAN right in! Seeing the pink unicorn first, she ran to pick it up and heard a MEOW from one of the wrapped boxes…her face was puzzled/excited (D took video), but we directed her to the stocking. She gets to open the stocking and ONE gift before church, which is so hard on a kid! But the meowing continued so we let her open that one. Bootsie is her big gift this year, and she LOVES that robot cat. After church we returned to the house to open the rest of her gifts, grab a few timer-family-photos, and play before D’s family gathering! Mosby even received a slew of toys…picked by E. 🙂

The big task at this years’ family gathering was a giant family photo — believe it or not, ALL 35 PEOPLE were going to attend…so I took it upon myself to organize a family pic. A FB-event, plus mass-texts ahead of time had people ready to go, and I just had AJ snap it from the deck looking down at the whole crew.  The final image only required 6 head-swaps, but it’s so great! E wasn’t really into the LOUD party, and played in the basement by herself. We searched for her Hatchimals for 10 minutes which solidified that those little things are never leaving the house again…!

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