Ballet Class #2

January 16, 2018 | Well, second class was a stark contrast to the first. We started out well with the preschool pick-up, getting to the CC, and changing into her new pink leotard/tights. But as the littles were running the hallway, E started following-suit…but on all fours.  I asked her TWICE to run on 2 feet instead, and soon after another little girl tripped over a crouching-E and they both crashed to the floor. E’s head was forced into the hard ground, and there were instant tears. She didn’t really recover the whole class…and I knew as soon as she came out she’d be full-meltdown. Which happened. Poor kid! But I’m hoping this was a good learning experience about running around like a CAT. She always seems to have to learn through injury vs. my words! We talked about it a lot on the drive home, and we decided that next week will be MUCH better… 🙂

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