E’s Room Update

February 24, 2018 | Now that E is four, I figured it was time for her room to get a slight “update”, and without overthinking it I actually just brought her pillow-sham to Home Depot and picked a pink that worked well with the palest shade on there! We painted ONE wall pink, and the other three got some much-needed spackle and a fresh coat. The wall by where we used to change her diaper was an eye-sore (to me) and now her room is a bit more “big girl”! She really wanted to help, but after getting paint on her clothes twice we had to distract her with the iPad…she loves it, especially her rainbow-light!

Last Dance Class

February 21, 2018 | Well, E did like dance, but wasn’t really interested in continuing. Which is fine, we really need to start swim lessons and I don’t want more than one obligation per week! But the last class was parent watch-week, so we actually got to be inside the classroom which was awesome. I’m the nerdy parent with my big camera, but…sorry-not-sorry! Maybe she’ll come back to it one day, maybe not. I’m just glad she tried it!

E turns FOUR

February 19, 2018 | Since E’s actual birthday fell on a Monday this year, I asked D if he would like to take a day off of work and have some fun with us! We made the plan to hit Kaleidoscope — since she’s all about art/drawing these days — and made our way downtown. The weather predicted rain, but our destination has full covered walkways most of the time so it wasn’t too much of a worry. After grabbing our free tickets, we wandered around Crown Center until her session began. She loved all of the coloring, and I helped her make a birthday crown! Fritz was so busy we opted for other food options, and then made our way over to Union Station (hence the singing video). Trains and more coloring, when she told US she was ready to go!

Getting so BIG this one — geez! We asked what she wanted for dinner — her choice — and she said “Cereal, in a bowl, under the table please!”  Little did we know the next night this would be problematic for getting her to eat at the table again… 🙂  Happy Birthday to our adventurous, happy girl.  You are 100% amazing, and we love you so so much!

4th Birthday Party!

February 17, 2018 | Saturday morning my grand-plan was to only have to blow-up balloons with our helium tank…and it actually HAPPENED. Dave helped a ton since I’m feeling rather large these days, the casseroles were in the oven and way too much food was set out for our guests… 🙂  K brought in Big Horny Sara and I thought E’s heart was going to explode. This thing has been passed through multiple families since it’s original purchase 10-years ago, and it’s amazing! You ride/feed/pet Sara, and it was a huge hit at the party. In order for the adults to eat, I printed some coloring pages and bought boxes of crayons from the Dollar Tree. WIN! Once everyone had eaten it was game-time — Tricera-TOSS and the Punch-Game both went over really well, with candy/tiny dinos for prizes. Present time was a total whirlwind where E was opening/tossing presents faster than I could even process who gave what! We need to work on that for next year…ooof. Singing while this crazy candle was also playing music was hilarious, and our nephew Ryan had to take it out back and cut the wires to make it stop. Rainbow cake with rainbow sprinkles, and my favorite cookies on the planet were as much for ME as they were for E… 🙂

After everyone left and the party was picked-up, E negotiated her way out of an afternoon nap — which (I say) means we have to go out INTO THE WORLD. So despite the cold weather we thought a trip to the park would be nice, and that way I could get some photos of E with her leftover balloons AND a family photo (since we forgot at the party). Grandma did a great job grabbing that! After some climbing it was time to head home…it was really a BLAST, and worth all of the hard work!

Valentine’s Day | Plans & Party

February 12, 2018 | Her first official school V-Day party means…actual Valentines! I thought I was so smart and ahead of the game when I grabbed this set for $3 in the Target dollar bin early-Jan. Unicorns and glitter, with no food-allergy worries! That is, until 2 days before the party I’m putting them together with the class list and realize I’m SHORT. I know for a fact there are no additional sets at the store, so I proceed with MAKING a few extra.  They are 3-4 yrs old, so I can still get away with it! Luckily I had extra dinos on hand that were for her party prizes…ha!  And Dollar Tree had an insane number of balloons/stuffed animals so E got a little surprise from us too… 🙂

I was also doing a lot of party-prepping during this time. I’m much slower-moving/low-energy these days so I started all of this stuff super-early too.  Just working on the pieces here & there, and realizing that the simple games I had planned were going to require much more work than I anticipated! Pulled a lot of these from Snapchat/IG-Stories — and by setting up slowly, E would run into the house every night asking me what ELSE was setup for her party!! 🙂

Mommy Day

February 5, 2018 | After a long weekend spent at home, I knew Monday had to involve adventure. Freezing cold temps meant we had to think indoors, & with the flu being EXTRA awful this year, I didn’t want to do a toddler open-gym or anything. Why not try the mall? PERFECT. E negotiated “no nap if we go out in the world” and I was happy to oblige. Carousel, Disney Store, kid play area (mostly empty) and a fantastic lunch at a cafe I love…it was really nice. I was exhausted for sure at the end of the day, but we both just had FUN!