Valentine’s Day | Plans & Party

February 12, 2018 | Her first official school V-Day party means…actual Valentines! I thought I was so smart and ahead of the game when I grabbed this set for $3 in the Target dollar bin early-Jan. Unicorns and glitter, with no food-allergy worries! That is, until 2 days before the party I’m putting them together with the class list and realize I’m SHORT. I know for a fact there are no additional sets at the store, so I proceed with MAKING a few extra.  They are 3-4 yrs old, so I can still get away with it! Luckily I had extra dinos on hand that were for her party prizes…ha!  And Dollar Tree had an insane number of balloons/stuffed animals so E got a little surprise from us too… 🙂

I was also doing a lot of party-prepping during this time. I’m much slower-moving/low-energy these days so I started all of this stuff super-early too.  Just working on the pieces here & there, and realizing that the simple games I had planned were going to require much more work than I anticipated! Pulled a lot of these from Snapchat/IG-Stories — and by setting up slowly, E would run into the house every night asking me what ELSE was setup for her party!! 🙂

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