Easter | My Family

March 31, 2018 | Easter Egg hunt #3 for E was at Nana and Papa’s house — and while they started off looking so SWEET…as soon as we said Ready, Set, GO the competition was on for the 2 big cousins.  C wasn’t exactly sure why they suddenly ran away, but I think next year she’ll be running too… 🙂

Next it was time to check out all the loot — and sneak some bites of candy. Mom went all out on the baskets — one for hunting, one with gifts.  The grandkids were in HEAVEN, and the bunnies were a big hit with the girls.  WaterWow was also a quiet-maker…just look at ALL THREE of them painting away in silence!!  I didn’t get any photos with adults…oops!

And some cell phone images too… 🙂

Egg Dyeing

March 30, 2018 | I always have to break out the real camera when it comes to coloring eggs…she was really gentle this year (for the most part) and enjoyed it more than in the past!  I love her proud smiles for the colors she mixed… 🙂

Good Friday

March 30, 2018 | Every year D has Good Friday off from work, so we try to plan something fun to do. Seeing as E’s “only-child” status is expiring soon, we thought we’d finally take her to the Natural History Museum in Lawrence.  It’s not too far, and we could do minimal walking I hoped?  First up was lunch at one of my fave spots there…where she ate more than I did by a landslide… 🙂

Then it was off to the museum on-campus.  We parked at the Union, and as we walked by the Jayhawk statue (& a large group of students) she suddenly says “EEEW STINKY JAYHAWK!!!” and we couldn’t help but laugh.  Secretly proud of our little Wildcat 🙂  The museum was good, probably was awesome 30-years ago, but she’s kinda spoiled by the very interactive dino-museums close by. So a building with a bunch of statues behind glass wasn’t as impressive to this toddler… 🙂  But it was still a lot of fun!  And her eye drops glow in a black light — which was a shocking discovery BTW!

After the museum we thought she’d like some outdoor time, so we let her run around a playground for a bit before getting some ice cream (because…well, PREGNANT).  Which resulted in a car-nap, for the first time in ages.  

Nursery, Misc

March 27, 2018 | As we are creeping slowly towards the newest member of the family, I thought I should do a “generic” post with images of the nursery, and some fun things that E is up to — and maybe throw one of the VERY FEW bump-photos I’ve taken over the course of this pregnancy.  I can partially blaming it on not wanting to get too excited until we were really far along, but also I just haven’t felt all that great for most of the time.  Quite different from my time carrying E, that’s for sure!

First let’s start with the nursery.  While we debating finding out the gender this time, ultimately we thought it would be fun to have a surprise again.  Which meant another neutral nursery!  I didn’t want it too look like E’s did, so I went with black and white pieces that gradually accumulated into a geometric/wool/sheep “theme” I guess?  First step was taking all of my Office and moving it to the guest room…

I’ll have to take some actual camera-photos once it’s completely done, but I’m actually really happy with how it turned out.  Sure I’d LOVE to get a new chair that’s black or ivory, but that just doesn’t make much sense when this one still works perfectly!

Then E…her first bout with Pink Eye (I think)?  We were able to get drops without going into the office, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well she handled them.  Even reminding me to give them to her at breakfast/dinner most of the time!  But that first morning she looked so pathetic…lol!

She’s been on a new “kick” that involves her coming out of her bedroom in the morning (now that the doorknob locks are gone) and coming into our room for morning snuggles.  She really hasn’t been a snuggler until recently, and the pregnancy pillow is just fascinating to her!  It’s pretty great to hear those little feet RUNNING into our room around 6:30 AM or so.  “I need some morning snuggles!” she’ll say…and maybe occasionally fall back asleep.  It’s nuts!  Who is this kid!?

Finally a bump-photo — we are planning on maternity photos, but here’s a cliche bathroom-selfie for now at 32 Weeks I believe?

Pre-Easter Egg Hunts

March 24, 2018 | This is the year we did ALL THE EGG THINGS — I mean, this particular day E was able to hunt eggs TWICE! I think D’s company egg-hunt really brought out the competitive side of hunting, because despite the cold there were tons of people out there. We arrived just minutes before the start, which worked out well because that meant no line to see the Easter Bunny (quick hug and a photo).  We ran around the circle of people, and strained to hear “GO!” before we just let her start running.  Pure, hilarious pandemonium!

Once that was complete, we had a little time at home before our friends’ annual kid-hunt — which is our favorite because, ya know, FRIENDS. E is getting old enough that we can just let her play, which means lots of chat-time. L is so good at planning this event — she made sure there was a challenging golden egg for each kid, and some fun little prizes to boot!  There was pizza, and cartoons, and beer.  It’s awesome — and would have been even better if KSU won their BBall game.  I believe we stayed until late into the night??  OOops!

Swimming Lesson!

March 20, 2018 | We knew we wanted to get E involved in some REAL swim lessons — all of our Summer lake-time makes this a big priority. After looking at some really expensive options, I noticed a new place going in near our Target, and immediately called/got into their schedule. I am amazed how easily she just goes in ready to do whatever is going to happen…barely even looked back at us! Coach Anna is braver than I (being in charge of four toddlers that can’t swim inside a pool), but we can already see her learning some great things. It’s pretty cool!