Good Friday

March 30, 2018 | Every year D has Good Friday off from work, so we try to plan something fun to do. Seeing as E’s “only-child” status is expiring soon, we thought we’d finally take her to the Natural History Museum in Lawrence.  It’s not too far, and we could do minimal walking I hoped?  First up was lunch at one of my fave spots there…where she ate more than I did by a landslide… 🙂

Then it was off to the museum on-campus.  We parked at the Union, and as we walked by the Jayhawk statue (& a large group of students) she suddenly says “EEEW STINKY JAYHAWK!!!” and we couldn’t help but laugh.  Secretly proud of our little Wildcat 🙂  The museum was good, probably was awesome 30-years ago, but she’s kinda spoiled by the very interactive dino-museums close by. So a building with a bunch of statues behind glass wasn’t as impressive to this toddler… 🙂  But it was still a lot of fun!  And her eye drops glow in a black light — which was a shocking discovery BTW!

After the museum we thought she’d like some outdoor time, so we let her run around a playground for a bit before getting some ice cream (because…well, PREGNANT).  Which resulted in a car-nap, for the first time in ages.  

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