May 10, 2018 | After weeks of praying/wishing/hoping that this baby would come early — a regular appointment this morning just changed all of that.  Somehow in the span of one week, at close to 39 weeks, baby has flipped to the breech position.  HOW?!  There isn’t SUPPOSED to be room in there for a flip…and then there’s talk of this “Version” procedure where they’ll manually manipulate my belly from the outside and try to get the head-down.  It was all overwhelming — enough to make me start breathing faster and sweat on the exam table.  Not because I’m worried about me, or really a C-section…but more worried about BABY.  If I go into labor this weekend (Mother’s Day Weekend) will we make it to the hospital on time that it’ll be safe?  And if the procedure does work, I asked if the induction could still take place (to avoid a second-flip)?  Thankfully, yes.  Geez the emotions!

I know that it will all be ok, and things will work out.  This little one has just kept us on our toes the ENTIRE pregnancy, in ways I didn’t even think were possible.  The beginning was pelvic-pain all the time, then back-pain, then vericose veins requiring compression tights, quickly followed by needing a belly band (that I destroy the velcro in NO TIME)…BUT, all this to welcome a sweet little one into our arms, and for E to finally have that role of BIG SISTER.  This blip in time will be long forgotten soon enough… 🙂

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