Last Mommy-Day | Just E

May 14, 2018 | Being super-pregnant, and also wanting to make our final “just us two” mommy day extra special, really don’t go together well.  But at least we left the house and had some fun, right?  She was up at 6 AM, but jumped into our bed and went back to sleep until 7:30 AM. We ate breakfast as a family, and D left for work.  A quick drive through the bank & Starbucks, then we were off to a playground. I picked a spot with shade (hello, tights) and short walking distance from the parking lot. E wanted her Strider bike, so she rode that around the equipment more than actually playing ON the equipment…ha!  We came home and played Trains, Egg Hunt, and watched a little show before her lunch — which was interrupted by dancing to Buffalo Soldier’s “yo yo yo” parts of course.
I asked D to come home around 3, because after all of that activity I was desperate for a nap!  We gave her a bath, packed her bags, and managed to get her to my parents’ house after dinner since our appt was for 7 AM at the hospital the following morning.  I CRIED…so naturally we went and got Culver’s ice cream on the way home!  In bed by 10 PM, since a BABY is coming the next day!  Or so we thought…

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