Birth-story for M

May 16, 2018 | Our last appointment at the OB showed that our baby was breech, so on Tuesday 5/15 we are scheduled to attempt a Version Procedure for 7 AM. We arrive and are told it’s actually at 8/8:30, so we have to wait. After getting into the sono, it’s discovered that baby is HEAD-DOWN!  We are thrilled, and wait in the lobby for our room. Dr. S walks in and I literally hug him because I’m so happy that we are going to get to do this sans C-section.  We get to our room around 9:30 AM with Lisanne who is a big talker, and we discover our ties to my childhood dance studio…crazy!

Pitocin & IV are started in hopes of getting things going, and after a few hours Dr. S attempts super painful  water break that doesn’t work. I have a LOT (30+) of fluid, and my cervix was not ready. Pitocin the rest of the afternoon while I recover from the attempt. Unhooked me at 6 so I could EAT finally. Dave walked across the street to Panera, & I scarfed it since I hadn’t eaten since 10 PM the previous day.

Dr returns at 8:15 pm or so to check baby (still head down) & place Cervadil in an attempt to soften cervix to try again in the morning. Antsy day for sure, watched Wonder Woman & Princess Bride.
By 11 pm we were asked to switch rooms due to a faulty printer, & walking + Cervadil was causing regular contractions. At midnight I got an epidural, which seemed to be working but only on my stomach. Tried to sleep but each contraction made me feel like I’d pee. At 2:30 am a contraction BURST my water open & we called Dr. S back.  After attempting some pushing we realized the baby was sunny-side up. So he said to stop, & try to let the contractions bring the baby down. They hurt so bad on the veins, so anesthesia gave me a bump that finally granted me some rest/naps. At 5:30 am Dr returned and I just woke up and got to pushing. Epidural still wasn’t working so I felt everything. Pushed and pushed for an eternity, Dr threatened a c-section, so I pushed so hard then got stuck in the most painful position I’ve ever felt. I started tearing AND he performed an episiotomy and I scream-cried the baby out. It…was…awful.  I had to be stitched for an eternity, but it was so nice having a healthy baby stay in the room with me this time!

It’s a GIRL!  I believe the Dr said “What is it Dad…?” and D could barely tell but said GIRL.  And I instantly said “It’s our M!” because the girl-name was solidly-chosen… 🙂

She was a little beat-up from being stuck in the canal for so long…some bruising on her head/right hand…and she worried the nurses for a bit with her excessive sweating…ha!  I fully expected a cone-head and smashed face due to her exit, but instead she was just perfect.  I kept asking D if she was ok — I think 3 times.  And he grabbed my camera and took some “real” photos in the delivery room too!

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