Sheep Ottoman

June 27, 2018: When I selected this piece for the nursery, I always envisioned a sleeping baby curled-up on top of it. The opportunity finally came, and I positioned towels under the ottoman in case she woke/rolled…because I was home alone and nobody was there to spot her!  But she never woke, and just hung out there for a bit…this one is already a canvas hanging in the stairway of our home…and it’s better than I envisioned!

A couple extras from that day that I also adored!

Blackberry Picking

June 23, 2018: Ready for way too many photos of one event? Here they are! Dave agreed to stay home with M, while I looked forward to a little time with just E…let’s be honest, I MISS HER now that my attention is split! We arrived way before opening (oops on that time), but there wasn’t a crowd and we were the first out to the field. I swear the kids ate two pounds out there…ha! It was really cool though, and we enjoyed cider donuts/frozen slush cider/and time with the cousins. Next year M will be able to eat some too!  Tradition, started…

Pink Romper

June 12, 2018: Maternity Leave means photo shoots of this sweet baby girl. This is my favorite little romper of hers right now, and she’s in that phase of simply falling asleep while laying on the bed…lucky snag with that smirky-grin!